Saturday, 28 August 2010

How things have changed

Last weekend a spur of the moment decision found us in IKEA with the intention of buying 2 sofas, we only took 15 mins. to choose them and then nearly 2 hours to arrange delivery.There arrival meant we only had 3 days to find a home for our 20year old leather suite which actually was not at all bad. But we had made the mistake of allowing a 40kg black lab to sleep on it and the top coating was rubbed.
We decided to sell on EBAY the listing made and several watchers later it sold for £2.70 which just covered the cost of listing 20 years ago it cost £2500 .
It makes me think how things have changed in size as well as cost. We have now decided to clear out more clutter another listing on EBAY . A JVC video recorder several years old and heavy (did we really carry that around on our holidays ? ) My new tiny mobile now does all that the camera used to do WOW. I dread to think where this de clutter will end I may have to barricade my craft room because i Have more STUFF crammed in there then the rest of the house put together.
On the creating front I have made a few items which I have forgot to photograph but I did remember to snap my lastest 2 pages for the journal swap + some tags I made for NINA the host.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The nights are drawing in so I do not feel so guilty about crafting.
Not so many swaps going on at the moment but I made ATCs on the theme ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS and a NATURE GODDESS both on along with the ongoing monthly journal page swap.