Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blackbird And Pouches

Last Saturday  Kalona      posted photos of small pouches she had made .It was quite late in the evening when I saw them but I just had to have a go, the fact that Kalona said they could be made in 15 mins. was just too tempting .
I followed her guidelines for the first one using wet wipes as part of the construction and in fact these give a wonderful texture.IMG_6096
then I made one using  a piece of what I believe is vintage Laura Ashley fabric
I was getting a little carried away at this point and decided to stitch a heart on  the front. But the fact that  it was very late and I was tired , it ended up upside down on the back.IMG_6099
So  Monday/  Tuesday I made a few more

Each one a little different and I was able to practice making buttonholes.
Thank you Kalona
Early this morning I heard the familiar bang of a bird hitting our large patio windows. Judging by the sound I knew it was larger bird than normal and I could hardly bring myself to go and look. I was right it was beautiful blackbird ,and at first glance I thought she was dying as she was on her side with blood coming from her mouth. She was twisting and shaking and in great distress,I could not leave her in the exposed position so I picked her up and placed her in ivy so she could die in peace.
This is a poor photo but you can just make out the blood from her mouth.
As I had little Miss X with me  , I was unable to go check until a little while later,
but she was breathing much better.
and a few hours later, on checking she had moved right into the ivy,probably to keep dry and warm ,as it was a miserable day.  I went to smooth her and she moved then fluttered a little further down the was such a great feeling , and I told her as she disappeared into a shrub that I wanted a extra special song from her tomorrow.