Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lucky Me

Sometimes you just have to stop and remember how lucky you are. I have a wonderful family and I have just become a Grandmother or as I have suggested being called YaYa.
This prompted my wonderful friend Kit to send me a gift of a Dotee. I am going to call her YaYa she will join Her big sister Bella also created by Kit and I will always treasure them . I am so lucky to have Kit as a friend.
Kit lives in Florida which seems a million miles from here . As I am writing this the wind is howling outside and the last of the Autumn leaves are being ripped from the trees ,but we are having unseasonably warm weather.
Yesterday as I walked my Labrador on the banks of the River Severn fisherman were waiting for the incoming tide enjoying the mild weather at other times they would need extreme weather gear. The photos I am posting will show YaYa in original colours and also altered with an APP on my iphone. Which I love experimenting with .