Sunday, 25 September 2011

Talented Artists And A Birthday

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise when this collection of ATCs  arrived in the post from Dallas ,Texas. They were from my dear friend  and talented artist Jackie who can you believe is a newcomer to ATCs .
And even the envelope was decorated inside,
I also had a visit yesterday from another talented artist ( I am not biased) bearing an early gift for my birthday.
Now you have to agree this is very good for an 11mth old.
Mummy and Daddy  had added gifts as well
This is a delightful necklace  with as you can see sewing inspired charms.
As it is my birthday today I spent a little longer wandering around in my dressing gown  feeling lazy. I was quite pleased when I spotted this random heart on my sleeve .
I have been using the red fabric for sewing but this is just a tiny scrap which happens to look like a heart.
This afternoon I made another twinchie I was offered a day out ,but the thought of just pottering in the studio was more appealing.This twinchie was made from the inside packet of a cereal packet. I had the iron out and I wondered what would happen if I heated it, the answer was that it fused together and actually became quite strong. It would have been better to leave it as it was but I decided to sandwich it with Angelina fibers . The effect was ok but it lost the luminosity.
my Tim Holtz mini stamps came in very useful
and with a small battery light inside it looks quite nice.
todays random image
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