Saturday, 21 May 2011


 I do not have much to say so I am just posting photo’s .
You know you are by the sea when you find crab shells on the patio.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Sometimes when I have a swap to do I give it too much thought I have always found that I am better creating on impulse.And so it was last evening when I looked at my list of swaps and decided to leave them to another day,  my thoughts turned to altering another tin can.
I am not sure why butterflies flew into my head but they did and what started out as a simple assemblage grew into something much larger.
The can was covered in adhesive aluminium tape and the large wings were attached with paper clips .These were cut from mount board as I did not have any tin large enough. The wings were covered with tape and scored to create texture.I used Ranger/Tim Holtz alcohol inks to colour the wings and tin.
It was then just a case of cutting out plenty of butterflies from tin lids and colouring with the ink.
I use wire beads and bells to create the effect of flying.Added  my favourite eyes and a image of a young girl to which I added wings.
I am not a great fan of alcohol inks but for this project it was my only choice.I did intend for this can to have some sort of deep message but decided to keep it more whimsical  this time, but I have plans to create another soon.

My Mother came to me this morning she was dropped of by my Brother with whom she is staying while he had two business meetings. She looked very frail and Dad’s cancer and her own memory problems are taking a toll. She wanted a haircut and Dad had requested new pyjamas as he does not like the open backed hospital gowns ( WHO DOES ) So a trip to the local Mall was called for, we timed it right for a haircut in the walk in salon but they were so SLOW it was painful to watch. Or perhaps as I get older I am getting less tolerant.
Anyway a Military style haircut was  the result not my choice it could have been so much nicer but Mum was happy with it and we went for a coffee.
Good old Marks and Spencers  you can always rely on them for a great coffee or pot of tea and Mum seemed to be coping well.
But by the time we returned home the agitation and worrying were beginning to show and I found myself repeating the same thing over and over and I guess the brain can only cope with so much before it overloads.
Last year instead of Christmas cards I donated the money to Alzheimer’s research and this year i will do the same and although Mum has not been diagnosed officially with this horrendous disease I feel I want to help raise funds.It is so cruel in the way It takes so much from the patient and the wider family.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dia de Los Muertos and Naughty Ladies

Just when you need something to smile about the great online community at milliande are right on cue.
After a very blustery walk with Wilson, the postman delivered some wonderful swaps.
The first that I opened was from Palma in Italy and even before removed the tissue I knew I was in for a treat.
How could I not smile at this little cutie.
And there was more to come
This swap was such good fun an I absolutely love these Day Of The Dead dolls.
From the left
This wonderful Bride is from Lois ( I will call her Kate )
And this Mystery woman is from Monika
(at this point I want to say that the work that Monika puts into the swaps is incredible )

And this pocket sized beauty is from Gina (Ireland )
I know Gina was worried about her girls but she need not of worried this little one is just Great.
Thank you all and to Palma for hosting.
As if these girls were not enough I also had a packet from Liz ( USA ) who hosted the WELL BEHAVED WOMEN  RARELY MAKE HISTORY swap over at milliande. And this envelope contained strong willed sometimes naughty ladies.
From left to right
Liz  (Hostess ) this is a great card I love the vintage colours  and the stitched beads on the edge are a perfect embellishment.
Beth (USA)
A very clever card depicting Janis Joplin very clever and I love the pen work.
And this naughty lady is from Marie with great artwork and I love that Quote.
So I would like to thank everyone for their creations and Palma and Liz for the hard work.

Sunday, 15 May 2011



As some of you know I have elderly sick Parents my mother with memory problems and my father with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.Dad had is last course of chemo therapy just over a week ago and on Thursday he was admitted to hospital. He is in severe pain  which the doctors are struggling to control even with Morphine.He is a very private man and the side effects of all the drugs are difficult for him to deal with. It is so unfair that it should come to this he has fought so hard to beat this cancer  and although he went through this eight years ago age is against him. He has been put into a small side room in isolation as his white blood cell count is down and he has an infection which they are trying to control.


This photo was taken at their Diamond Wedding anniversary last September a week later Dad was told the cancer had returned. Also at this celebration was my Cousin who was Bridesmaid at their wedding 60 years earlier. Last week  Susan had  her own life turned upside down when her Son took his own life while in the next room.

So in a very short space of time the smiles have turned to tears and life is so very different.