Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year New Journal

I will start by wishing all of you a Very Happy Healthy New Year.
I know we all say this every year but here I go again this year things are going to change for me.
I am going to try and be more positive and think of all the good things that happen and not worry about things that may never happen. I will try and stop eating junk food although 2011 has got of to a bad start 3 chocolate chip cookies already today. I will try and do some form of exercise every day this will mostly be walking Wilson my labrador ( it did not happen today ) but that was because my husband took him. I am going to go somewhere on holiday and if I have to fly so be it although I will have to be heavily sedated. and lastly I am going to try and be more creative I seem to spend so much time thinking about it but very little time producing anything.
And on this note I have committed to a daily journal page on milliande .com.

Milliande Art Journal January 2011 The first page was on the theme of a Zebra of course as usual I was rushing at the end of the day but I was quite happy with it.I hope I can keep going.