Saturday, 9 July 2011


Another set of Bluebirds flew in today from   Pandora (Loren ) in Dallas
Loren has used die cuts and a very pretty bird stamp.These little birds have had quite a trip as at one point they returned home  and had to be sent off again.
I also received my matchbox from Marie in Canada this also had a long journey after being held up in the postal strike.
It was well worth waiting for.

This was the words inside the little rolls.
09-07-2011 17;58;51
It really is a delightful box Thank you Marie.

I had another young bird hit the patio windows this morning but this one was much luckier than the last one.I watched in horror as it shook and became very still , but when I went to pick it up it was just stunned and I hid it in a planter so it could recover.

Sitting in the sun today Wilson came and sat by me and rested his head on the log

I purchased a length of fabric to make a simple top /tunic something I have not done for a long time.So long in fact I had to Google which way to lay the fabric out. I chose this because  A. I love the colours and B. if it all goes wrong it is just pretty enough to have lying around.
It is handy having a Man who Can  today he made new wardrobe doors.
He is a very clever man !  As he keeps telling me.

Way past her bedtime I had a visitor this evening
I can tell you this back pack is worthy of a trip up Everest and she loves it.
Especially as she can grab Daddy's hair and pull his head back.

TODAYS RANDOM IMAGE    Feel free to copy and use.

Friday, 8 July 2011



It was another wet day today ! but I am not complaining we need the rain.

And it inspired me to make these tags.




And still on the watery theme ,this one


You may remember  earlier this year I planted up a boat ,which is on the old railway crossing on the way into the village.

This was then


And this is it today


it has done well in 10 weeks ,and is filling out nicely.

Also I have growth on 15 of the 16 felled eucalyptus, the young leaves are always such a beautiful shade of blue/ green.



I thought I might post a random  vintage image on each blog  that can be copied and used . I have not done this before and I am not sure how it will work.

It will be completely random and it may be good or bad it will be up to you to decide.


Thursday, 7 July 2011


After searching for hours yesterday for my missing Archival ink pad,  very very late last night I made another tag.
Tim Holtz mover and shaper Sizzix  tag die ,House die , and Sizzix primitive heart die. I embossed the house and then sanded back . the tag was coloured with Fired brick Distress ink.
This is the rest of the street waiting to be assembled.

This morning I received one of the remaining sets of Bluebirds.
This set was from Candace in Canada.
Candace was trying watercolours for the first time ,and I think they are great.

Today I had my Granddaughter for 5 hours.
This was how the room looked before she arrived.
I vacuumed and washed the floor twice in preparation for the 9mth old Dynamo.
Wilsons bed was moved to the other side of the kitchen and we were ready.
But the combination of a 9mth old and a 8year old Black Lab  means there is no way it will stay tidy.
She has learnt that she can drop food from the high chair and Wilson will eat it ,and he has learnt that good things are worth waiting for.
The two of them are great friends but as with any animal you dare not leave them alone with a child ,or in fact take your eyes of them.
She also has fallen in love with our resident parrot.
Add to this although she cannot walk she can climb like a Mountain goat , my time with her is very INTERESTING.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011



Why is it you start worrying about  your sanity when you lose something ? this has been the case with me today. On my desk I usually  have a archival ink pad ,when I went to use it today it was missing and I searched for about 3 hours without luck. Not to worry I thought I have a brand new one in the drawer,but that was also missing. So you can see why I was worrying about my mental state.

While I was looking for the pad I started on 3 more tags ,using a few Tim Holtz products.




Not sure where I am going with these so they have been put aside for now.

I also took another photo today of the matchbox I received from Lorraine in the swap hosted by Palma over at milliande.




I am not sure that these photos do it justice either .

I have another one due from Marie in Canada but I guess that has been caught up in their post backlog.


Just as it was getting dusk last night there was a beautiful rainbow over my fields.



I am not sure how serious I am about losing weight.



But it was delicious !

Tuesday, 5 July 2011



I think the hardest thing about keeping a blog is the title. I  have given up worrying about punctuation  and whether I make any sense at all, I just write what comes into my head and let spell check do the rest.

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day  from very early in the morning. and I remembered I had a packet of Nature Print paper hiding in a box somewhere. So before i showered and dressed I was out in the garden collecting willow leaves.

I attached a sheet of paper to a cardboard box with pins


The willow leaves were placed on top and I left it for 5 mins until it turned pale blue. then the paper was placed in a dish of water for 1 min and allowed to dry.

05-07-2011 19;57;23

And this was the result it will be going into the journal which Trine sent me.


I packaged up all but 5 of the bluebird swaps today and they have been dispatched from the Post Office . So 19 flocks are flying off around the world I do hope they make it to their new homes. I did forget to photograph them all together , but they have all been posted on my past blogs.




I also  found time to make 2 tags this morning.



I am not sure what I would do without my Sizzix !IMG_4540



And this afternoon  a phone call to my  Mother found her very confused and I quickly  (15 mins. ) made a small notebook/journal  to help her remember things. I put her initial on the front  J for Joy and added a bell so that if she mislaid it it might help her trace it. And another trip to the Post office ,I hope she gets it tomorrow.


This was a Sizzix BIGZ XL die  and Sizzix alphabet die. Coloured with altered originals ink and Tim Holtz distress ink pad. It is quite a big die and measures about 5” across.