Saturday, 12 March 2011


I am determined that this post will go to plan I seem to have a gremlin which every now and then wrecks my blog it changes text moves photo's and just annoys me.
Thursday I had a really lazy day my excuse was that I was recovering from the dental work on Wednesday but in truth there was no excuse.It was wet overcast and a stay at home day.So the phone call to say my granddaughter was coming for a visit was very welcome. I expect I have mentioned before they live only a couple of minutes away so I am very lucky.Mummy had just been to Jolly Babies with her a music/singing group for very young babies.She was still very happy and sociable and perfect for photographing as was proved by the 200+ photos I took. Thank goodness for digital .

Friday I woke knowing that my husband wanted me to go with him into Bristol he  was having the last of a series of tests before having  Intraocular procedure on his eyes. He was not able to have laser treatment and this is an alternative very similar to a cataract operation on an elderly person. He has only needed glasses in the past few years but hates having to wear them and he just could not get contact lenses into his eyes. I have rolled about laughing at his attempts with the test ones he was given by the optician. I am hoping he is doing the right thing with this treatment , as a man who needs his eyes to be perfect for measuring and using sophisticated woodworking machinery he cannot afford for it to go wrong.
Because I knew I was going to have to do this trip with him it started off my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome )
in my case the trigger is always stress. There was no reason at all why I should be stressed but I was and so I felt really uncomfortable by mid morning. That was until the post came I had ordered yet more goodies and they arrived along with ATCs from a swap on milliande. Sharon had hosted this swap and it was some swap.
I believe she had about 25 participants including me. It was a 4 for 4 swap send 4 get 4 and the theme was a Cup of Tea  and a Slice of Cake  with each ATC we were to send a teabag..When I opened the envelope the aroma from the return selection of teabags was delicious and I cannot wait to try them. Sharon mentioned she is going to blog about each tasting on and I  said I would do the same.

The other exciting packet in the post was from my very good friend Trine in Denmark little hints had been dropped saying I should be waiting for Postman Pat . A few day's earlier I had commented on a stamp that Trine had purchased  a most beautiful fish and I searched the internet for the same. little did I know that Postman Pat would bring me that very stamp.

So what can I say I was delighted no I was beside myself and late last night I created this page.  I have to say that this stamp by ARTEMIO is  probably the best quality stamp I have ever used.

Today I took another giant step and decided I would host an ATC swap on milliande  and the theme.


more about this next time.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


My posts seem to consist of dog walking and nature hunts I suppose it could be worse. But I woke yesterday to the most wonderful sunrise it was visible through my utility room window for a short while before it was gone for 24hours.A shame that my windows were so dirty on the outside.
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This was a good sign that we may be having a nice day and we did our new solar panels produced over16KWH
Later in the day I picked up a skeleton leaf out in the field it was amazing that I even saw it but it just caught my eye.

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It is so delicate and also I think quite beautiful I am not sure if it is a leaf or flower .

I managed to create a journal page in the evening inspired by the birds beginning to build their nests.
Today after a rather unpleasant trip to the hygienist I felt as if I had two buckets wedged in my mouth. So when I met my young postman at the Post office he could have been forgiven for thinking I had some sort of paralysis.  I did not feel like doing very much but I needed to get the artwork I had created for the one to one swap off to Canada.
And to finish the day another journal page I seem to have Spring fever at the moment.


Monday, 7 March 2011


I am back in  a routine  last week I was on my own as my husband had gone skiing in France with our two sons and 3 other friends. It was just me and the Big Black Lab   Wilson . I had thought that being on my own for a week i would be able to shed a few pounds after all there was no need to cook an evening meal . But if anyone can explain why after being very careful what I ate and walking approx 1hour every day it made no difference.
I do not think this situation will arise again as my husband has decided he is getting too old to go with the younger ones  in their late twenties add to this his irregular heartbeat and the high altitude this could have a very different  blog.
While I was waiting for his return from the airport my Daughter in law came round with my Granddaughter to wait for her Daddy she looked very pretty in pink
On the crafting front I was very busy last week one night I was still working at 2am although that had more to do with Wilson's ears playing up. I  had 2 journal pages ready for Nina's swap over at milliande and waited for the  swapping list I read it /checked it read it again and posted the pages off to Pandora OOOOOOOOps .Yes you guessed it I sent them to the wrong person not sure how I got that so wrong. But luckily Pandora has said she will forward them on again.
I have already posted a photo of my gambling man assemblage but I like this photo better and also this is another photo of the bunnies which actually seem quite basic after seeing photos of the other members  creations.
As you may all know Labradors love their food and this group of photos shows Wilson waiting for scraps.

(he did not get any )
All of this waiting for one small scrap of bread.

This book of Poems looked just right with the sun shining on it and it matches my colour scheme perfectly.
The wonder of nature