Saturday, 23 April 2011



Today was St George’s Day and so up went the flag.


This time next week all over Britain the Union Flag will be flying to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton which takes place on the 29th . Can you imagine how she must be feeling ?.

Over at milliande the prompt was to post a photo of toes


I had to use a grunge app so as not to scare anyone. But during this very hot weather it has been good to put on the ever faithful Birkenstocks.

It has been hot enough here for us to open up the back of the house over the past week something which normally only happens in the middle of summer.


While I sit on the decking I am always looking for interesting stones by my feet


I always seem to be able to spot the odd shape





I think the small round one is a sea urchin ? and is no bigger than my thumb nail. And I always like the ones with holes that can be hung up.

This is something you rarely see my workaholic  husband relaxing


Our post is always late on a Saturday but today it was worth waiting for.

I had two more sets of ATCs arrive.

From Monika in Poland


Monika has some wonderful Koi  on her cards which are  embellished with crystals. The background on the two blue cards is most effective .

The other set was from Laurie in Canada


Laurie has sent my first Mermaid , dolphins and a Salmon based on  a

First Nations salmon Carving ,and the cards have been created using acrylic.

I just have one set left to arrive .

The other item I received in the post was from Trine in Denmark. A couple of weeks ago when I posted that I had saved the life of a bumble bee Trine created a journal page which made me laugh out loud.

23-04-2011 18;14;25

And today it arrived in the post and I love it.

Thank You Trine.

I will just finish with a few more shots from the garden.



AS much as I love seeing the wild rabbits I wish they would leave my Sedum alone.


Thursday, 21 April 2011




A quick dash into Bristol and back for my husband to have his new eye checked. We were only there 30 mins and then back home as the temperatures were rising. Everyday we get told it is the hottest day of the year and today it was hot very humid and hazy.

I walked Wilson down the lane to check on the boat I planted up with flowers last weekend and to add some more bulbs. At the moment it is looking a little dull but I am hoping it will bring a splash of colour to the village later.


When we got back I fond a package from Nina in Canada containing her Something Fishy ATCs .

I always enjoy Nina’s work and these little cards are no exception.


Nina has used a textured metallic background in a vibrant purple  and a great vintage image of a child flying on a fish. The cards have then been embellished with shells and moss ?

I have a lot to thank Nina for because she hosts the monthly journal page swap over at miiliande. This has been going for almost a year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a day for doing very little outside but on walking around the garden I spotted the sad sight of a pile of feathers. I do not like to see this at any time but during the breeding season it always seem so sad. i do hope there are no young chicks waiting in a nest.


The same photo using an iphone app looks so different.



Wednesday, 20 April 2011



Yet another scorcher with temperatures up in the 20s yes I know some of you will laugh at that but to us Brit’s that is HOT.

I had to take my husband into Bristol where he was booked in to have INTRAOCULAR treatment on one of his eyes.This is similar to the treatment giving to the elderly to correct cataracts.In his case he chose to have it done as he found glasses a problem in his line of work. 


X marks the spot

I spent the time walking around the shopping area which over the last few years has been revamped .Perhaps the sun helped but it all seemed so nice with many cafes filled to the brim and spilling out onto the pavements. I wanted to take  photos but I still have issues with this in case I upset anyone.

Waiting when I got home was a packet from Sharon containing her something fishy ATCs. Anyone who follows Sharon’s blog          will Know these are just her style.


Don’t you just love Daphne.

Sharon has used collage ,beads,glitter and embellishments. And the fishy hat is so 2011.

Just heard on the News that we had temperatures of 23.7 the hottest April day since 2005. How nice for all the families on the school holidays.

I am going to try and make an effort to create something tonight  I have very slack lately.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011



I am trying another way of writing the blog so there will probably be a few teething problems.


It has been another beautiful sunny day with temperatures way above normal for the time of year.

After a early morning visit to Costco it was time to walk Wilson.


you can tell how dry it is as the clay is beginning to crack.

We ended up on the sea wall which had quite a few walkers including lots of children.We are lucky enough to have a small branch line come into the village and it is a great day out for family's.

There was a haze but i think it made the bridge look even more elegant .DSC_0090


I must have taken hundreds of photos of the bridge since it was built.


When I got back there was a packet from Lynn in Cambridge In it were her something Fishy ATCs what a treat they were so colourful.



This photo does not do these cards justice they are great. Lynn has used a national geographic page altered with citrasolv for the background something that I really want to try. I have improvised with other chemicals but I am going to try and find a source.The cards are embellished with ribbon ,charms,beads and crystals. WONDERFUL.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful snails are ?


I am thinking of signing up for the sketchbook Project again I just have to choose a theme.

Monday, 18 April 2011


As I have not done anything creative I thought you might like to see photos of one of the many horses I pass while walking the Big Black Lab.

And the trio of geese who today seemed to be looking for their Goslings in the hedge.

This is what I normally see.

I am hoping the last of my Something Fishy swaps will arrive soon so that I can send them back out to their new homes.

This is Wilson helping to tidy the garden