Tuesday, 19 April 2011



I am trying another way of writing the blog so there will probably be a few teething problems.


It has been another beautiful sunny day with temperatures way above normal for the time of year.

After a early morning visit to Costco it was time to walk Wilson.


you can tell how dry it is as the clay is beginning to crack.

We ended up on the sea wall which had quite a few walkers including lots of children.We are lucky enough to have a small branch line come into the village and it is a great day out for family's.

There was a haze but i think it made the bridge look even more elegant .DSC_0090


I must have taken hundreds of photos of the bridge since it was built.


When I got back there was a packet from Lynn in Cambridge In it were her something Fishy ATCs what a treat they were so colourful.



This photo does not do these cards justice they are great. Lynn has used a national geographic page altered with citrasolv for the background something that I really want to try. I have improvised with other chemicals but I am going to try and find a source.The cards are embellished with ribbon ,charms,beads and crystals. WONDERFUL.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful snails are ?


I am thinking of signing up for the sketchbook Project again I just have to choose a theme.



  1. Love this new writing. What heat eh`? Blow this way Mary :-)

  2. Like itx I too love snails and am always so surprised to see how many coloures snails there are in Uk. I was used to seeing amazing colours overseas but here at home..quite a surprise. I have taken loads of images over the years.x