Thursday, 21 April 2011




A quick dash into Bristol and back for my husband to have his new eye checked. We were only there 30 mins and then back home as the temperatures were rising. Everyday we get told it is the hottest day of the year and today it was hot very humid and hazy.

I walked Wilson down the lane to check on the boat I planted up with flowers last weekend and to add some more bulbs. At the moment it is looking a little dull but I am hoping it will bring a splash of colour to the village later.


When we got back I fond a package from Nina in Canada containing her Something Fishy ATCs .

I always enjoy Nina’s work and these little cards are no exception.


Nina has used a textured metallic background in a vibrant purple  and a great vintage image of a child flying on a fish. The cards have then been embellished with shells and moss ?

I have a lot to thank Nina for because she hosts the monthly journal page swap over at miiliande. This has been going for almost a year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a day for doing very little outside but on walking around the garden I spotted the sad sight of a pile of feathers. I do not like to see this at any time but during the breeding season it always seem so sad. i do hope there are no young chicks waiting in a nest.


The same photo using an iphone app looks so different.




  1. lucky you fancy having a boat to plant in! like your photos even though they are to your question my sons are only in school for a total of 7 days this month!!! so I am so glad of sunshine

  2. I envy your warm days...we had a snow storm yesterday, cancelling school buses and causing a nasty mess outside. Today the snow is melting. Spring seems like a distant dream.

  3. We have 2 boats in the village now I offered to do this one because it was just down the lane and I wanted to keep to a colour scheme.You must be pleased about the weather Lorraine what a boost. Sorry Nina that your weather has turned again but I always think that at least Canada has seasons.This is so unusual for us. I do hope it is not the only good weather we have this year.

  4. iphone...I dont know! You ladies are all doing it! Love the color, must match your hair? hehehe Good boat, dont forget to water it. Guess the eye was ok. x

  5. I have had the phone for about a year I love the photography apps. My hair has not turned pink yet I keep looking at the tube of colour and I will do it soon. Yes thank you the eye is fine he has the other one done next wednesday.