Wednesday, 20 April 2011



Yet another scorcher with temperatures up in the 20s yes I know some of you will laugh at that but to us Brit’s that is HOT.

I had to take my husband into Bristol where he was booked in to have INTRAOCULAR treatment on one of his eyes.This is similar to the treatment giving to the elderly to correct cataracts.In his case he chose to have it done as he found glasses a problem in his line of work. 


X marks the spot

I spent the time walking around the shopping area which over the last few years has been revamped .Perhaps the sun helped but it all seemed so nice with many cafes filled to the brim and spilling out onto the pavements. I wanted to take  photos but I still have issues with this in case I upset anyone.

Waiting when I got home was a packet from Sharon containing her something fishy ATCs. Anyone who follows Sharon’s blog          will Know these are just her style.


Don’t you just love Daphne.

Sharon has used collage ,beads,glitter and embellishments. And the fishy hat is so 2011.

Just heard on the News that we had temperatures of 23.7 the hottest April day since 2005. How nice for all the families on the school holidays.

I am going to try and make an effort to create something tonight  I have very slack lately.



  1. I have been making the most of this hot weather too before the grey days come back those atcs with the shells on her bits!..Hope your husband is ok

  2. Thanks for the link Mary and for photographing my work so beautifully :)

  3. Café strolling and mermaids incoming! Sounds like a great day. Enjoy the weather, also nice here, but the sea is still very cold, so we dont feel it! Wonder what you will create.....xx