Monday, 18 April 2011


As I have not done anything creative I thought you might like to see photos of one of the many horses I pass while walking the Big Black Lab.

And the trio of geese who today seemed to be looking for their Goslings in the hedge.

This is what I normally see.

I am hoping the last of my Something Fishy swaps will arrive soon so that I can send them back out to their new homes.

This is Wilson helping to tidy the garden


  1. I like him! Great photos Mary. And all the ...ducklings? when it is a goose? Looks like a nice day. here, the day has been sad, animal wise. I had to take my big, soft tom to the vet, and came back without him. He came home and looked as if he had been hit by something, and he wouldnt be right, even with surgery. Sad....So all theese little yellow fluff balls are just the medecine. xx

  2. Love the horse images, aren't the little ones a bit early? Love video..what a helper!!xxxlynda