Saturday, 16 April 2011


Another set of ATCs arrived today this time from Kitty in the Netherlands who hosted a Spring swap.My two very original cards were from.

on the left Laurie in Canada who has used sheet music and a die cut for the background .  She has painted a very happy bird who seems to be singing to the flower.

The yellow card is from Monika in Poland who has used embellishments and has been very clever in creating grass.

I have not created anything since the tags two days ago so I will show pictures of a wall hanging I did many years ago possibly 20 or more.

It is done with a rug hook and I used fabric, plastic bags,and rubber gloves many years before
recycling became fashionable

actually the rubber gloves are beginning to perish  and break down

This photo is not very good quality but I found it amusing that I was taking a photo of a picture I had made of a boat, and when I looked at it afterwards I saw that there was a very good reflection of a trawler going out of the harbour.

This is a picture of a fox that I keep in my bathroom

You may have guessed he is in the wood grain of the flooring.


  1. You have the best sence of humour. Love your fox! As a child, my grandmother had a live one! Pinocio. :-)

  2. love that rug hooking wall hanging...I have got a shed full of clothes reading to be torn into strips to rug hook..but have got to finish my other projects the sea theme of this

  3. My fox will now be called Pinocio thank you Trine.
    I have a large sack of fabric as well Lorraine also another sack of 2 part finished rugs which may I never finish.I only noticed the other day that the rubber gloves were breaking down but amazingly the plastic bags look quite good after so many years.