Wednesday, 13 April 2011


When you are hosting a swap it is very exciting waiting for the post and when it arrived today it was a triple whammy. I had my monthly journal pages this time from Anne in Canada.The prompts were   Rebirth/Renewal

Anne has used acrylic for the background  and a collage created with Aquarelle and pen has been added and to finish it has been rubber stamped.

The second page  prompt. You Are My Sunshine .

This is another collage and ink piece with rubber stamping. I love the 2 little people skipping in the sun.

I also received  another set of fish this time from Mary in Florida.

It might be easier to say what Mary has not used  this list is so long but these cards need to be seen to fully appreciate them. Some of the items Mary has used include. Tumble dryer sheets,thread,Dover images,acrylic paints,glitter glue,puffy paint and more.

The other item in the post was a box from Monika in Australia.

I knew it was going to contain Dotee bunnies and fish ATCs but it did not stop me from being excited.

I knew I would not be disappointed

Monika has created a little fishy scene using Soy sauce fish bottle,shower puff,scavenged fishing line,gold leaf,wooden beads,and various pens. This could have been very embarrassing as I am writing this I have just discovered a hidden secret with these cards which I had not noticed. So I have just stopped to take a photo.

This is the inside of the ATCs opened out.BRILLIANT !

Also in this box of delights   were my Easter Bunny Dotees and I shall name them after there creators.




What more  can I say  they are all delightful this was such a fun swap so I must thank Monika for hosting and everyone else for participating.

As I had yet another die arrive at the weekend I have gone a little crazy on tags and managed to start creating this morning.I have done the backgrounds and I just need to embellish.


  1. What gorgeous treasures! You lucky cod ;)

  2. Palma you do make me laugh and here we go again with the fishy comments.

  3. hi-de-ho...Love that you posted the dottee bunnies here and I see mine. So glad she's with you. What fun to see all your goodies. Love those fish cards too. Oh my!

  4. I try again...strange! Wonder if you ever had any of my comments, or if they went missinf together with all the swaps? I love all your nice things today. Anne`s pages are lovely. But I LOVE your tags :-) And this I said much earlier today ;-) xx

  5. Thank's Trine this one came through fine. So pleased you like the tags.