Saturday, 23 April 2011



Today was St George’s Day and so up went the flag.


This time next week all over Britain the Union Flag will be flying to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton which takes place on the 29th . Can you imagine how she must be feeling ?.

Over at milliande the prompt was to post a photo of toes


I had to use a grunge app so as not to scare anyone. But during this very hot weather it has been good to put on the ever faithful Birkenstocks.

It has been hot enough here for us to open up the back of the house over the past week something which normally only happens in the middle of summer.


While I sit on the decking I am always looking for interesting stones by my feet


I always seem to be able to spot the odd shape





I think the small round one is a sea urchin ? and is no bigger than my thumb nail. And I always like the ones with holes that can be hung up.

This is something you rarely see my workaholic  husband relaxing


Our post is always late on a Saturday but today it was worth waiting for.

I had two more sets of ATCs arrive.

From Monika in Poland


Monika has some wonderful Koi  on her cards which are  embellished with crystals. The background on the two blue cards is most effective .

The other set was from Laurie in Canada


Laurie has sent my first Mermaid , dolphins and a Salmon based on  a

First Nations salmon Carving ,and the cards have been created using acrylic.

I just have one set left to arrive .

The other item I received in the post was from Trine in Denmark. A couple of weeks ago when I posted that I had saved the life of a bumble bee Trine created a journal page which made me laugh out loud.

23-04-2011 18;14;25

And today it arrived in the post and I love it.

Thank You Trine.

I will just finish with a few more shots from the garden.



AS much as I love seeing the wild rabbits I wish they would leave my Sedum alone.



  1. Ohh Mary, what a lovely house, it is so scandinavian! It looks absolutly great! And the weather.....heaven :-) Thank you for liking the bumble bee ;-) xx

  2. lovely house and I think it looks scandinavian too with all that glass. Loved your matchbox that I recieved today with all the little boxes and charm which I have put on my new handbag..have a good Easter

  3. What an awesome house you have Mary! LOVE the way the back opens up completely. I'm jealous with your's raining here in Sunny California..just in time for an Easter Egg Hunt! :-(