Sunday, 24 April 2011



I remember as a young child having an Easter bonnet to wear to Church  and usually new white socks and gloves. We used to have Easter egg hunts around the garden I think they used to be simple creations not the elaborate boxed items we are offered today. How sad that Easter is going the same way as Christmas so commercialised.

We must have had bad weather at Easter when I was young but I only ever remember it being nice , much like today  which was warm and sunny again  and although it may get cooler no rain is forecast.

My youngest son and his girlfriend  had friends staying and he had made scones ,which  they sat on our patio and ate  with Cornish clotted cream and jam when they  visited us.



A little later my eldest son and his wife arrived with my granddaughter who is always so interested in what is going on.


This may look like my Husband was lurking in the bushes but in reality I had asked him to remove a couple of fencing posts.





I took this photo because this week we are having 15 eucalyptus trees cut down as they have grown to we think about 45 feet high. This will be a very sad day , I planted these about 13 years ago when they were no bigger than a pencil. At least they are not used by nesting birds and we are hoping they will sprout up again from the base.

This Ladybird was enjoying the warm weather.



I posted on milliande asking if anyone lived in Perth W.A. and Heather replied. The reason I was asking was that in amongst my stash of vintage  photos I had one of a family with an address in Perth.


24-04-2011 17;05;57

24-04-2011 17;06;01

I hope to find out more about this photo.

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