Tuesday, 26 April 2011




The last of the ATCS arrived today for my SOMETHING FISHY swap.They were from Lauren in Florida and they are very clever.



Lauren has created cards with a revolving window in which some very whimsical fish swim by.They have been finished with pen work,brads,and charms.

The other packet I received today was from Palma in Italy who had hosted a decorated matchbox swap. This swap gave me a few grey hairs as my boxes took 3 weeks to reach  Palma. But it was all worth the wait as the boxes I received were wonderful creations.


I am not sure who made the small one on the left but it has a nice image of a Victorian. Edwardian woman on the top and contained beads and butterfly embellishments.     IMG_3192

The next one was easily recognizable as the work of my good friend Trine in Denmark    http://timeout-trine.blogspot.com/  We often swap fishy items and may soon fall foul of European fish quotas. Trines box has the image of the fish that inspired me to do my SOMETHING FISHY swap and inside a little fish caught on a hook :)       



Then we come to Palma   http://athena-myfirstbloggy.blogspot.com/         who hosted the swap also very distinctive Palma always uses delicious colours and images and her box was no exception and it  contained a selection of embellishments.



Lorraine           http://loveofcollage.blogspot.com/                 also has a very distinctive style and I love all of her work .The box is decorated  with various items including a rose ,beads and a small charm .Inside was one of Lorraine’s delightful pendants.




Thank you all.


I used the now famous fish stamp to decorate a piece of painted driftwood.




  1. Ohhh I am so happy, my box reached the banks of Severen River. Now comes all the hard work of a ATC hostess! Sending all the ATC´c back out into the world. Mary, I love the driftwood, what a great idea. I shall go driftwood hunting to morrow :-)

  2. Those are amazing! I wish I wasn't so busy when the swap was running- but I DO look forward to my fish ATCs!

  3. so glad you recieved one of my box pendants..they are all amazing..it was a really good swap