Thursday, 7 July 2011


After searching for hours yesterday for my missing Archival ink pad,  very very late last night I made another tag.
Tim Holtz mover and shaper Sizzix  tag die ,House die , and Sizzix primitive heart die. I embossed the house and then sanded back . the tag was coloured with Fired brick Distress ink.
This is the rest of the street waiting to be assembled.

This morning I received one of the remaining sets of Bluebirds.
This set was from Candace in Canada.
Candace was trying watercolours for the first time ,and I think they are great.

Today I had my Granddaughter for 5 hours.
This was how the room looked before she arrived.
I vacuumed and washed the floor twice in preparation for the 9mth old Dynamo.
Wilsons bed was moved to the other side of the kitchen and we were ready.
But the combination of a 9mth old and a 8year old Black Lab  means there is no way it will stay tidy.
She has learnt that she can drop food from the high chair and Wilson will eat it ,and he has learnt that good things are worth waiting for.
The two of them are great friends but as with any animal you dare not leave them alone with a child ,or in fact take your eyes of them.
She also has fallen in love with our resident parrot.
Add to this although she cannot walk she can climb like a Mountain goat , my time with her is very INTERESTING.


  1. Love your tags Mary...and your house! I'm worn out just thinking about the work involved with keeping up with a 9 month old. She's darling!

  2. Your granddaughter is so cute! Oh, I know all too well how they climb and get into everything. MY son was a big climber even at six months.

    You have your place so cute and sparkling for her, so sweet!

    Love the house tags too!

  3. Wonderful tags Mary, I dream of having Sizzix one day! Candace did a great job with watercolors, another thing I have to try. And your Granddaughter is cute cute cute! But I have to say I LOVE your house! It's so nicely decorated, light and airy, and it just looks wonderfully cozy. :)

  4. you lucky lady mary having your granddaughter for a few days a week.xshe looks so cute even if she really is a moutain goat! You have been busy with all your tags..they look great.
    your untidy house looks way tidier than miner and l do not have the excuse of children!xxlynda