Monday, 16 May 2011

Dia de Los Muertos and Naughty Ladies

Just when you need something to smile about the great online community at milliande are right on cue.
After a very blustery walk with Wilson, the postman delivered some wonderful swaps.
The first that I opened was from Palma in Italy and even before removed the tissue I knew I was in for a treat.
How could I not smile at this little cutie.
And there was more to come
This swap was such good fun an I absolutely love these Day Of The Dead dolls.
From the left
This wonderful Bride is from Lois ( I will call her Kate )
And this Mystery woman is from Monika
(at this point I want to say that the work that Monika puts into the swaps is incredible )

And this pocket sized beauty is from Gina (Ireland )
I know Gina was worried about her girls but she need not of worried this little one is just Great.
Thank you all and to Palma for hosting.
As if these girls were not enough I also had a packet from Liz ( USA ) who hosted the WELL BEHAVED WOMEN  RARELY MAKE HISTORY swap over at milliande. And this envelope contained strong willed sometimes naughty ladies.
From left to right
Liz  (Hostess ) this is a great card I love the vintage colours  and the stitched beads on the edge are a perfect embellishment.
Beth (USA)
A very clever card depicting Janis Joplin very clever and I love the pen work.
And this naughty lady is from Marie with great artwork and I love that Quote.
So I would like to thank everyone for their creations and Palma and Liz for the hard work.


  1. YAAAAAY! You received your cards already?! WOW!! So glad they arrived at the most appropriate time! xo

  2. Wow, what a super post day! Love all the dolls and atcs :)

  3. Whoohoo! You got your swaps already!! They look great, I can't wait to see what I get. I am so pleased you got one of my dollies:-) xoxo