Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Here I go again another attempt at keeping a blog.I seem to start Ok then I get distracted.
I have had a fruitless day and I have nothing to show.My problem is that I spend too much time browsing the internet.I find that I get so inspired by other artists so when I am browsing on their sites I then link to others and so on and on and on.
I am lucky I have a dedicated room to create in but all to often it is so cluttered that I cannot produce anything. Saying that on other days something happens and I just keep going.This is what happened last weekend and I produced loads of ATCs,mostly from recycled artwork that I was unhappy with.This is my favourite way with ATCs I cut up old paintings and then look at each one until some inspiration comes and then with the help of Pitt Pens, oil pastels,watercolours etc.I just go with the flow.


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