Wednesday, 10 March 2010

As I am sat here it is very cold outside but I have been shopping walked the dog and visited the mobile library so quite a productive day.
I have also made a Bookmark/tag to give to a friend who' s daughter has just given birth to a stillborn baby at 36 weeks. I wanted to give her flowers but as they do not last I decided on a tray of Primroses for the garden I thought they would be a permanent reminder.
I am determined to work out today how to follow Blogs as I keep bookmarking them then I loose the link. I will then go into the disaster area AKA my studio and try to create something actually I have been doing quite well but it has all been for swaps. I really need to start selling some items to recoup some of the money that I have spent. Yesterday 8 bookmarks were sent to Australia for a swap and 5 ATCs to the USA

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