Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I know I should not complain but it has been very hot and everything is parched. I just heard on the news that it has been the driest June for 80 years. We have had the fields cut for hay but the lack of rain means there is less than usual. We have a farmer who cuts and takes it away and last year it was so wet it almost rotted in the fields so there is no happy medium.

We are at last seeing more butterflies and bees although no where near as many as last year ,perhaps they find it to hot as well.
It is quite sad that there has not been so many rabbits this spring I guess this was due to a very cold winter. Last year they would scatter as I opened the gate and you would see young ones with their parents. I have only seen a few and always on their own but still so much nicer than in a cage.
This dry spell has slowed down the mole activity but has shown up the vast number of tunnels as the ground dries out.

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