Monday, 25 October 2010


As I was preparing the evening meal my 83 year old neighbour rang. Come an have a look he said mysteriously with no hint as to what i was going to see. When I got to the fence he asked me to hold out my hand and he placed into it a very large goose egg.
Nothing strange about that you may think but it was found by his gardener buried in the garden.
At first I was mystified but when I thought about it I guessed it was a fox. I put food out most nights for the fox and when I put out chicken eggs I often find them in the fields.
But a goose egg is something else very large and quite heavy. I appear to be the fountain of all knowledge and I was asked what they should do with it . I knew that the egg may be fertile but needed a mothers care so I suggested it was put back for the fox to feast on later . (Imagine these two funny scenes connected to this )
1- when the egg was found it was nibbled by P--- the lady of the house as she thought it might be china.
2- A basket lined with a towel was prepared to incubate the egg until I suggest (tongue in cheek ) that it may hatch calling her name

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