Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Well since my last post I have become a Grandmother and it was a very worrying time. My Daughter -in-law had a very bad time and it reminded me how precious life is. I realized that however badly we believe we are treated by the health service in this country we are lucky to have it.
I have also discovered that however undomesticated a man may seem when they have to step up to the mark they do.
I am very proud of my Son who for a week due to an emergency Cesarean has been the main carer (apart from feeding ) of course.

A week on from the birth I had to create 4 journal swap pages in a hurry I have had 6 weeks but as usual left it to the last minute.Also Nina who is hosting that swap on is also hosting a Holiday ornament swap. Based on the size of an ATC.. Now the thing is I do seem to craft better under pressure Nina asked us to produce a minimum of 3 and I did 18 in 1 evening .

Now I can relax for a couple of days before the next swap.

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