Tuesday, 3 May 2011



It has been a day for Birds.
I started on my 3  Bird Shrine boxes for the swap Palma is hosting over at milliande.
This is what I have done so far.
2 small boxes
Place side by side and cover with aluminium sticky back tape

after you have done this place an embellishment on the top,I have used a Sizzix bird.

And then cover this with more tape.
Press tape down and burnish around the bird with a burnishing tool.
use alcohol ink and Rub n Buff to colour.113
Now they are ready to embellish and fill with goodies.
When I woke this morning I decided to go visit my elderly parents in BATH only 40 minutes away. They are both in very poor health, as some of you may know,my mother has severe memory problems and my father has Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is just about to have his last dose of chemo. I had to call into my local COSTCO to collect wild bird food for them it cost £26 and seems to have rocketed in price..Anyway this meant I was later than I intended getting to them and Dad had already been collected and taken to his weekly Hospice visit ,Mum was very confused so more delays as we searched for keys,bags,etc.I had said we would go into Bath for a coffee and a bite to eat which we did and I bought 30 small shrubs to plant in the back paddock.we  spotted this Robin in the underground car park .
It is a fledgling Robin and it had most likely been trapped in the grill of the car.
As we were driving into the car park i managed to find myself in a BUS lane so I am hoping that does not mean a fine.
When I returned home I had received a copy of the journal page that Trine
http://timeout-trine.blogspot.com/  had made a while ago about my wish to have pink hair. Thank you Trine I am still looking at the tube of pink shampoo.
184179_10150144484093336_629988335_7975141_6513927_n03-05-2011 20;18;28
This is the photo which inspired Trine I had altered it with PICNIK.(this is not how i really look ) air brushing is wonderful.
A quick walk around the village followed and I posted the last 2 something fishy swap packets.to The Netherlands and the USA.
More birds the baby geese are growing fast
rabbits birds and gnome 012
rabbits birds and gnome 013
Watched by Mum/Dad
rabbits birds and gnome 017
I spotted this on the verge I think I will make a Gnome shrine .
rabbits birds and gnome 025
rabbits birds and gnome 032
Liz over at milliande is hosting a Gnome Dotee swap which I had to drop out of but it should be fun to see what everyone does.
I am almost asleep writing this not a good idea with a lap top balanced on  my lap.


  1. Mary, i did not know about your parents :( THANK YOU, for showing us how you did the awesome boxes and I love you with pink hair.
    I hate finding dead birds :( Poor Robin.

  2. Thank you Palma it is very difficult at the moment.I love the pink hair but I have dark roots at the moment and I am not sure that will look right.That design for the boxes struck me last night just need to finish them and fill them.

  3. Hi Mary, Thanks for sharing about your parents. My mother had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma too and battled 3 recurrances over 20 years. Crazy as it is, she survived all of that and then shortly after a 3 month stay in intesive care (where she was not supposed to make it)passed away from a bad fall in September 2009. Watching your parents suffer is a terrible thing. My heart really goes out to you and your parents. I really feel for all of you. xo. On another note, your boxes are great! Finding that Gnome may be an omen that you should join my swap. WINK-WINK!

  4. Love those boxes Mary, havnt tried that.... Glad you like your "Mary`s New Hair" page :-) Sorry to hear about your mom and dad....Are you unable to find a pink bottle, or have you bottled out...? :-) xxx

  5. I have had the shampoo for months I just have not had the nerve to use it.

  6. Oh Mary, I am so sorry to read about your parents!:-(( I am sending you lots of strength and big hugs!
    Ps. Your boxes look beautiful!! Are the geese yours? They are adorable!:-) xoxo