Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Spy Spring


Colour is beginning  to return to the garden


I think most of my nest boxes are being cleaned and furnished ready for eggs, the woodpeckers are back and can be heard but rarely seen,I love watching everything emerge from the dull days of winter.

This very large Bee was just about to have first aid treatment from me when it flew off


Wilson decided he would take a swim in the wildlife pond,oblivious to me shouting and yelling at the top of my voice.




055There  is no sign of frog spawn yet, so hopefully he has not disturbed the pond life.


Today was a beautiful day and we were able to cut the grass.


And we had a visit from another ray of sunshine




QVC had a craft day early last week  and I stayed up until midnight to  view the TSV, which was the new TIM HOLTZ book,i was not that impressed with the last one, so they did not get my order but there were plenty of other things which caught my eye. Including the new  SIZZIX  Wordplay Bigz XL die

which I ordered before it was demonstrated,luckily as it sold out in minutes later in the day.

Sizzix Word Play XL Bigz Die by Tim Holtz - take a closer look


And I used it this weekend to do  two entries  in Lorraine's     journal for the circle swap I am part of.






The word Peace is another Sizzix die.


I was inspired by this tag that Lorraine had already decorated.




I must be in a colourful phase at the moment because I also made this .


This was  made using the Sizzix on the edge die  ARTFUL DWELLINGS and  also the Sizzix HOME SWEET HOME die which includes the wonderful house.

The Sun and the onset of Spring must be having a strange effect on me,I have decided to clear out most of my clothes,I am only going to keep a few things and the rest can go to charity,since I started to gain weight ,I just tend to wear the same things all the time.


  1. It's amazing how the Sun affects us, I also feel more inspired when the weather is nice, but it seems I'm going to wait for it. It's still cold and cloudy here. :)
    I love everything you made, love the colors and how happy everything looks. This post is full of energy, so I'm going to try and steal some,lol!

  2. love that journal and the lovely photos

  3. Love your work you are showing the little ray of sunshine who came to visit. getting big isn't she!x

  4. She is growing fast,and she would love the Brick Box all those things to play with.

  5. LOVE your pics, Gal! AND I am awarding you and Sonja the Liebster Blog award! Hop over to my Blog to pick it up and please play it forward! Let's little guys have some fun with awards! Miss you! Hugs, Kit

  6. Well I had to do it too! I wish I could give it back to Kit too, but I guess it's not the way the award giving works. :) I am awarding you the Liebster Blog Award! xoxoxo!

  7. The other day I saw a few of those little crocus trying to stick their leaves up toward the sun in my garden too. Amazing, since I am the laziest gardener ever. Your creations are lovely with all those colors and layers. No wonder you received the award twice.
    xo patty