Sunday, 23 May 2010

The 2 Gardens

Yesterday was good not only was the British weather behaving (in fact it was too hot) but I had the most wonderful surprise in the post. I had swapped a 5x7 art piece on the theme Garden with AMOONSWIRL through Milliande .com and my beautiful gift from her arrived and I am delighted. It is called THE SIREN'S GARDEN with vintage images and mermaids it is just perfect.

Also last year I built a pond /wildlife garden in the farmyard attached to our property. I not only wanted to encourage wildlife but it was also done as our son was having his wedding reception in the paddock.
Well it was a tremendous amount of work to get the land and the pond ready but on the 8th August last year it was all worth it. The sun shone and the very unconventional wedding was a success.

But for all that work there was no sign of wildlife i.e. frogs although we did have a Bee's nest the pond has grown into it's surroundings I do not rush to pull up every weed in fact it looks quite neglected in some ways.
but that must be the answer because yesterday we spotted tadpoles and they were loving the sun . I was almost beside myself with excitement .So perhaps nature knows best and is happy with things a little rough around the edges.

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  1. Love the photos, and am very jealous of the pond.