Friday, 21 May 2010

RIP Harry

Yesterday was a very sad day for my son and his the weekend they had seen their cat Harry jump from the garden fence and land heavily. So when he limped a little there was no major concern, on Tuesday after a trip to the vet nothing was discovered but they thought he might just be bruised.They were asked to return him yesterday for a follow up £££££ .
I took Stephanie in my car after helping to get Harry into the basket (at this point I am thinking of you LINDA C ) he was vocal but well behaved. The surgery is only 10 mins away and is a beautiful Georgian period property with ivy clad walls,and I waited in the car with the sun streaming in ,I could see Harry on the couch being examined through the large windows.
Steph. emerged after about 10 mins and said they were going to do blood tests ££££££ as he had not eaten much since the incident.
But they were both asked to go to the surgery at 6 pm and Harry was put to sleep. It is thought that he had been poisioned possibly with anti freeze which cats find appetizing and he was most likely drunk when he jumped off the fence. This was a shock as he was a delightful cat who had only been with them for about 18mths .Steph spotted him at RSPCA cat& dog home where he was waiting to be put down,and they decided to take him on.
If there is any thing good to come out of this it is that Harry had an extra 18mths of pampering and was well loved.
They bought him home to our house and they have buried him in the corner of the paddock/garden where I have created a little quiet corner for bird watching.


The vet said that even if they had taken him along when they saw him jump he still would have died as Antifreeze is lethal to cats.

And although I hate to bring money into this very sad story the total bill for this was £500 and for a lot of owners this would be to much to afford and all this trauma for what could have been a few licks of antifreeze.

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  1. Poor Harry. What a lovely kitty! This type of accidental poisoning used to happen frequently here in the U.S. (including children ingesting the antifreeze), and a law was put into place that forced the makers of the product to add an ingredient that would make it taste terrible. It's been very successful in reducing these tragedies.

    How wonderful that Harry has a beautiful resting spot. From one kitty parent to another (plus two), please extend my condolences. Charlotte could learn a good lesson in grace from Harry.