Thursday, 24 June 2010

Feeling Old

This week sees the start of the world famous Glastonbury music festival just 1hours drive away. This has taken place for 40 years and I have never been .Each year I wish I had made the effort not for the music but just to soak up all the energy of 180,000 people . But I know that if I did ever get there my main concern would be the loos . As I suffer with IBS I know that Glastonbury is but a dream .
This year instead of the usual mud the crowds have to cope with high temperatures. We are a strange nation obsessed with the weather we are lucky we rarely have extremes but we still complain if its too hot/too windy/too wet/too dry/too cold . (and yes I am one of those who complain ) .And then I see the pictures of other countries with hurricanes/tornadoes/monsoons/forest fires the list goes on and on and I am ashamed of myself.
I think as we get older it is important to keep a young mind I thought I was doing quite well but lately I have been feeling old. This worries me because you can so easily get into the trap of not bothering. I am going to Bristol this weekend only 20 Min's away But I have not been for months I just cannot be bothered , I used to go every week.

I will add photos of Boxcar Bella taking part in the art class I attend and yesterday I found her sunning herself in the Buddleia bush .


  1. Old is only relevant when discussing antiquties, my friend! Since we start to age the moment we are born and our life here on this place we call Earth is just a flicker in the movie of Time, there isn't really anything to fret about. It is a miracle that we are here at all, so who's to say that another adventure doesn't await us when this one is over. This might just be an opportunity to learn and pick and choose who we want to continue the next adventure with....and where we want the next adventure to be! Now have a great week and go for the gusto every chance you get. Loo's will NOT control us...nor senior moments or losing our glasses!

    Big Hugs from Bella's Birth Mother XXX

  2. As my Mum would say, you need PMA (positive mental sttitude!) But I can't say I blame you for not wanting to go to Glastonbury. Yes, yes, there is the toilet issue, but then there is MUD, too many tents (how do you find the right one?), too much noise (how do you get any sleep?). Now I am sounding old too :-)
    BTW I lived in Bristol for a while many years ago and I loved it, it's a fab place :-)

  3. I must learn to check for comments thank you both for yours.