Saturday, 19 June 2010

I Must Learn How To use My Camera

Last weekend while we were working in the garden something flew over our heads making a very strange noise. I looked up in time to see it was a young Great Tit still with its large yellow mouth.
It flew straight in through the open French doors hit a kitchen unit and ended up stunned .
It was not seen by our Black Labrador which was lucky because although he would mean no harm his 40kg + bulk would have crushed it or it could have been catapaulted by his ever wagging tail.
Any way I managed to get it outside and it took off only to land on the brick pillar of the porch.
It looked so scared with its large mouth letting out silent screams and its legs gripping tight to the bricks. In fact it stayed there long enough for me to set up the tripod take over 100 shots .
These pictures should have been amazing I had time a good subject and a beautiful sunny day. But what I got was a few half decent shots and the others blurred what a waste. Later on in the week I tried to get shots of a woodpecker with the same varied results. This will be very annoying to my 2 sons both are very good photographers and they have tried so many times to show me the way to do it.
Never mind practice makes perfect.

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