Friday, 18 June 2010

FRIDAY, 18 JUNE 2010

New Friends

I am not sure how come a month has passed since I last posted but it has and a lot has happened.We have had great weather which of course makes us all feel better and more positive.
My new friends that I have made through have helped me to bring my mother out of depression. Actually I did very little but I asked if anyone was willing to send her an ATC (artist trading card) with the hope that she might be motivated to reply. And several very caring women sent something to her from all over the world.
At first she found it very confusing as she has memory problems but I managed to get her to visit me for a few days, and the difference was amazing. My Dad was able to relax and do his own thing without worrying about her and Mum and I crafted.
After 2 days she had created several tags and ATCs to send .
You often hear that art can be used as a therapy and those 2 days proved that without doubt.

In this last month I also have crafted sent Atcs and other items of craft or art around the world
Some were for swaps some for competitions.
And of course this means you get items in return in my last post I showed you the Sirens Garden and I would like now to introduce you to


She arrived all the way from Florida and she is quite a lady she has attitude and she watches my every move. Her Mum Kit (Paperkitz ) sent her with love and friendship and I know she will always be with me. (Thank You Kit ) you know how much I love her.

This last week I have had the days to myself as black labrador Wilson has been on holiday
with my youngest son.Being a labrador he loves water and so he is enjoying himself in Brixham Devon. And you suddenly find the house very quiet (and clean) no drool or black hair.
So of course I have had time for more crafting my latest swap is textile beads something new for me but I do like the challenge

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  1. One day I will get used to this blogging and work out how to get the pictures in the right place.
    Top- some of my beads
    Middle- BOXCAR BELLA
    Bottom- Mums ATCs and Tags