Friday, 18 June 2010

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  1. Hi Mary!!! I found you! I am still learning how to do all this blogging stuff and I kept trying to email you and it just sent me back to following my own blog! DUH! I love your blog and I told Bella to make you smile as often as she could...hope she is following through! I see you are a Lab parent as are we. We have a Golden and a Black. Fabulous dogs, but are getting up in age and starting to limp around. Duke is 13 and Blade is 11 and they are our kids when the grandbabies aren't here. I don't know how much I can write on here but I want to keep in touch and if you are anywhere near where the ferry goes to Guernsey, we might get to meet one day! My "Sister" lives in Guernsey. She's not my birth sister but since both of us just have brothers we decided 15 years ago that we would be each others Sister and it has come true. We forget we aren't really related! Have a blessed weekend and talk soon. Kisses to Belle! Hugs, Kit