Monday, 21 February 2011


Yesterday i  planted about 75 willow cuttings  taken from our living willow when it was cut back i still have about 200 to do.I purchased the original Living Willow stems a few years ago and it has formed a great screen but it grows at a tremendous rate and needs trimming several times a year. You can only plant the cuttings from November and March and they need plenty of water. Last year I did the same thing and planted about 100 and none of them survived i think because we had a very dry spring.So I am keeping my fingers crossed for better luck this year.
This is just a small section of the screen base when this is covered in leaves i have a seat in here to watch the wildlife. Apart from the fact we have to keep them cut back  the reason we needed to do it this weekend was because we are going green. We are having 18 large solar panels installed 9 on the main house and 9 on the annexe. because we are south facing we get plenty of sun and we are hoping to sell surplus power back to the national grid.. I just hope they are more productive than the small wind turbine we have which is as good as useless.

one of the panels
I never know what to do when we have men working in the house so today i just dabbled with art. I have taken some photos of my new toys which arrived at the weekend.

I think i will find a lot of uses for this wood grain folder

I like this tree and of course you can deboss and emboss

This is the only die i am unhappy with

I love this one it is so versatile

I was not sure about this build a flower die when you use paper it is quite ordinary but with  tin I Love It.

 Today  i received my ATCs from Rachel's Dolls House swap they were all wonderful so original I had really struggled with this swap but i was pleased when i sent them. But after seeing the ones i had today i do hope that mine will not be a disappointment.


  1. that willow looks great..hope the fitting of the solar panels isnt too disruptive..thanks for your comments on my journal page

  2. I have a friend who has a 14c house near Birmingham and he has done the same...planting hundreds of saplings..l admire the pair of you but also jealous!Haxx how long were the workmen there for? I never know what to do when workman are around thehouse...good idea to do Art thoiugh...keeps us all calm!xxlynda .

  3. thank you Lynda and Lorraine for your support
    Actually it all went quite smoothly i was not keen when they were working inside. But they were very nice . As for the willow saplings i really want them to take just to bring back some privacy.