Wednesday, 23 February 2011


We are now producing our own electricity which is amazing. We had a local company do the installation they also installed a massive solar roof at Worthy Farm where the Glastonbury festival is held.They only took one and a half day's and the two lads were brilliant workers not even stopping for tea breaks.Even though today was wet and overcast with no sun between 9 and 4.30 we had produced 3.7 kwh . so we are thrilled.It is quite an investment but we used savings that were making no money at all as interest rates are so low.

I felt like a stalker taking these pictures through an attic window
Another excitement yesterday was my first GRAZE BOX and i will be ordering again a delicious box filled with bite sized nibbles posted through the letterbox.

this is what you find under the portions

it comes with a personalized nutrition leaflet
I posted the bookmarks today a little altered from an earlier photo.
I only needed to send 2 but put in some extra ones
I discovered PAPER CHASE  has opened a store in the local mall (more temptation )

it was so colourful

Over at milliande we had a new journal page prompt SINGING IN THE RAIN .  I immediately thought of a photo i had taken about 24 years ago of my youngest son on the beach in the pouring rain at WESTON SUPER MARE Somerset. It has turned out to be more of a scrapbook page but as he was 27 last week I wanted to use it.

white against white not good but i picked up the colours  from the umbrella the man is carrying  to create my own. to bring it all together

Finally my EROSION BUNDLE has started to break down but i am not sure that it will have done that much by the finish date.Very soon the living willow will have leaves and that means insects and birds so they may help to move things on.

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  1. great solar power panels..they will save you lots of money as the price of things is going to go through the roof with the knock on effects of the middle east problems. glad you liked the graze box..they are a lovely treat. like your rain inspired pages. You were asking how I fit it all in ..well I tend to crochet when I am watching the iplayer etc and have done quite a lot of crochet yesterday as I was having a rest with the dreaded back ache pains which make me want chocolate and red wine:)