Sunday, 27 February 2011


I had not realized that i had not blogged for a few days not sure where the time went but  i have had a lot on my mind.Anyway a quick update on the solar panels   THEY ARE GREAT we have produced 26.3 kwh of electricity since Wednesday morning and considering it has rained each day that is not bad.
I have been quite busy with swaps over at milliande i sent of 2 sets of ATCs one on the theme of spring and one on the theme girlfriends unfortunately i forgot to photograph them so i am keeping my fingers crossed that they will arrive. i have also done a set for Rachels swap on the theme of OWLS. I also sorted out all of the pre cut ATCs  i have most cut from old paintings and was surprised to find i had over 500.

  I also created another journal page with the prompt SINGING IN THE RAIN
I started with a magazine page altered with Brasso and then just painted ,stamped and collaged and added my own words. I was really pleased with the result.

I had a few new toys arrive on Friday

These are my most expensive dies to date and they create albums so  they are very versatile I also had several more embossing folders.

I was walking in the field when it was raining hard  I took this photo of a down pipe with rain water pouring out and altered it with PICNIK. and i did the same with photos of the large ash tree in the field.

taken with camera+ app on iphone

Now for today Sunday  it was nice to wake up to sunshine streaming through the window,

 one of the first things i did today was to comment on blogs that i follow (.Lynda if you are reading this i went out with Wilson minutes after reading your comments on litter and leaving my comments on the subject,) Like Lynda i am getting really annoyed at the amount dumped and anyone reading this is probably bored with me going on about it.  But as i started to walk down the lane from the house i was confronted with this.

As i walked towards it it almost looked as if someone was having a picnic in the hedge once again as in one of my earlier posts a lot of children's toys. The bike looked in good condition and i am sure there are many children who would be only to pleased to have it.

Anyway once i was over the shock we continued on our walk and was i pleased to see more and more signs of SPRING.

On our walk we usually pass this garage door and it always makes me smile

Back home Wilson had his regular drink from the cattle trough and i took these photos of Fungi i  am always amazed a the structure and colours of the various fungi.

enhanced with Picnik

 And lastly it is funny how you can see something so often that you end up not seeing it at all. this chain has been on the fence by my wildlife pond for years but i only thought to photograph it yesterday and then enhanced it with Picnik.


  1. Love the view of some of your "inside" house! very nosy me! I miss living in a house and having a garden. That is what l sacrife by living in London l suppose. Anyway love your images and don't we sound like a pair of grump old women, going on about rubbish. Hax BUT IT SO ANNOYS ME! rant over!Haxx

  2. oh forgot to the Art and am pleassed your solar panels are working out wellxxlynda

  3. Wow, you have been busy, Yaya! I have been gone so long, I almost forgot how to post on my blog! Love you pics and can't wait to come over to your house and play with those new dies!!! They are too DIE for! Hehehehe. The Garden Sings in the Rain page is wonderful. You are soooo talented, Mary! I had to laugh as you posted to my blog before I had even finished my post so don't know how that happened. Probably the operator turning right when I should have turned left. Give Wilson a scratch for me and hug the baby!
    Love and hugs,

  4. I just joined you, again. It looks like I got dumped along the time path! Miss you!

  5. just stop and look at your work each day. i do love that. pam