Thursday, 3 March 2011


Last night i created a pink journal page i do not know why i just felt like using pink it's O K nothing special.
 Today we were promised sun but it never arrived but when i was walking Wilson across the fields it tried very hard to break through.I wish i had been able to take a better photo but i only had my phone. The columns of light looked like something from a Star trek film.
As i was walking across the field i spotted something in the hedge i soon realized it was the remains of a Chinese lantern. I love these they are so magical we released them at our son's wedding and it was the perfect end to a perfect day. But a lot of people are trying to get them banned stating that they are dangerous to animals and crops and that cows eat them  and the wire frame damages their stomachs. I have to ask myself why a cow would want to eat one, any way as i walked towards it i was thinking that perhaps they were right i could see the frame and although we do not keep livestock i was a little annoyed.
as i found it

this was after i just scrunched it up.
But on closer inspection i found it was one of the Eco friendly ones with a very thin cane frame and i was able to screw it up to almost nothing. So i would like to think that in the future they will all be made like this.
The rest of my day was taken up finishing the Dotees for Monika's swap over at milliande. it is a Easter Bunny swap i could not decide whether to use a human face or a rabbit face and i went for the latter.If i make any more i think i will stick to a human face.

I also managed to create an assemblage in a can today something i have not done for quite a while.

I started with two fish tins and hinged them together using tape.I then covered them in tissue and painted with acrylics. After that i sprayed them with ranger distress ink although this was not such a good idea as it would not dry on top of the acrylic. It was then just a case of gathering supplies to glue in.


  1. love all this art....what a clev er artist woman you arexxlyn da

  2. beam me up Scottie..what a great photo Mary. Love that assemblage tin and your collection of buttons is enviable. I like watching the lanterns in the sky but do worry about the litter with cows or even swan etc. have a good weekend and thanks for your comments on my bird paintings