Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Valentines Day nothing special about that in our house but it was great to have the early morning sun streaming through the window.I have 2 orchid plants that I thought I had killed off last year but they have flowered now for several months so i must be doing something right.
Wilson running through puddle
I think this may be one of a pair i photographed last September.

Ladybirds mating September 2010
I only took Wilson for a short walk across the fields I was hoping to see some signs of spring but green shoots are few and far between but i took this photo as the clouds passed behind the old oak tree.Wilson did his usual run through a muddy puddle  . Walking back to the house I spotted a Ladybird on one of  the young larch trees  which I thought was strange as I had photographed  a pair mating  in the same place last year.so i am not sure if she died of shock or got stuck in resin but it is amazing it has been there all winter.

The wildlife pond is looking very bare at the moment but i am hoping i will get some frogs this year and also that the grass snake comes back .
Because we have had such a harsh winter Britain has proberly lost a lot of plants .There can not be many streets that do not have at least one garden with a Cordyline Australis. In this area i do not think many survided  I lost two and my neighbour lost several some as big as trees.
winter damage
Wilson had a quick drink from the trough before we went in to do some cooking.

As I had time i decided to make a Pizza even though I do try to avoid wheat they are so easy to cook. I also made some eclairs which i have not done for a few years .I used to make them on a regular basis. instead of filling with cream and chocolate i just poured some spun sugar and cream over to serve.

Just in case you are wondering I only has a very small slice of pizza and very little cream on the eclairs.

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  1. Mary your making me hungry now and I have only just had my tea! My cordylines dont look too good either but I am hoping they will pull through as they are a real feature of my garden. We used to have a black labrador called Dylan many years ago. Great photos and a ladybird dying of shock..oh no I shouldnt laugh!