Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Half way through writing this post I had to stop and purchase more photo space on GOOGLE are they trying to tell me I get carried away ?

We woke with the news it was going to be the hottest day of the year and for some reason that inspired me to create a journal page before the sun warmed up.
I did use a page that I had started a few weeks ago by painting and stamping so I only needed to add collage.
I was actually very pleased how it turned out considering it only took about 1 hour and it seemed that all of the pieces jumped out at me from magazine pages.

As I sent off the last of my swaps today I have started on another assemblage in a tin this was inspired by my birds from Maki and I am calling it  Remembering Japan.

It was nice to walk Wilson in glorious weather but he does find it hot so he was happy to lie in the shade outside the Post Office when I posted my ATCs to Liz.

From there we crossed over the road to the sea wall and it was perfect This elderly couple and their Red Setter were sat enjoying the view and even a fisherman was making the most of it.

Now this is the same photo altered in PICNIK if I had been a better photographer this could have been a very good picture. The bridge disappearing into the distance and the contrails over the river.

You can tell the warmer weather is here as the council have started to cut the grass.

This is a New sign which was long overdue on this corner near our house.

I saw this on the brambles yesterday and I thought it was from the mane of one of the horses in the adjoining field. But on closer inspection I think it is a piece of nylon rope which has unravelled.

A few photos of Spring including buds on the fruit trees I planted this year.


Someone   ( Lorraine) mentioned a free iphone App called pic grunger so of course I had to try it .  I think I will insist that whenever my photo is taken( SOMETHING WHICH I HATE ) this app must be used it hides a multitude of sins.

Before and after

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  1. that grunge app is brilliant isnt it. Dont understand and it sounds a bit dodgy google wanting money for photos..I have never had a problem and I have been blogging for a long time. Had a go altering a tin today and have bought even more tins today mackerel, sardines etc..have linked to your blog so that others can see your great video..enjoy the sun:)