Saturday, 25 June 2011



Before I talk about the Birds I want to share with you the wonderful Matchbox I received from Lorraine though the swap Palma hosted over at 


These are fun swaps and it is always a surprise when you open the box. Lorraine always creates wonderful artwork and as I have said before she fits more into her day than I do in a week.

Thank you Lorraine. I have just realised this photo is a little blurred. I will post another later.

Due to the postal strikes in Canada my Bluebird swap is running a little behind schedule ,but it has given me time to go just a little BIRD CRAZY.




As you can see  I have used some of my many Sizzix bird dies .


I have also finished the two pages for the monthly journal swap also over at  We have not been given our swap partners yet but I do hope they like these.


The prompt ONE WISH from a genie in a bottle



Choose one of the deadly sins  GLUTTONY

As  I am writing this another set of birds has arrived from Ruth in California


Ruth had forgotten to sign up for the swap but as you can see it would have been a shame not to have included these quirky birds.


  1. Excellent pages,MARY! I love them and Lorraine's matchbox is also stunning. What a great collection of art and it's brightened up my day as well as yours :)

  2. love all the birds. but l would be so happy if l was to receive your two swops...they are awesome my

  3. You've gone bird crazy Mary! I love it! Your pages for the swap are fabulous. I especially love the glutton one. That sin always brings me back to the movie with the name Seven starring Brad Pitt...the scene about gluttony... UGH! You captured both of the prompts wonderfully!

  4. Love the Journal Pages Mary! Can't wait to see what you will be making with all those birds! Ruth's work is always lovely and you are right, it would have been a shame not to show them!

  5. Great pages, lovely birds, envious about your Sizzix, beautiful ATC's, what else can I say - Love it!!! :)

  6. thanks very much Mary for your kind glad you liked the little matchbox I hope it brings you peace. Love those journal pages and your take on them and I like those blue birds..have a good week