Wednesday, 22 June 2011



This morning started on a sad note when a young Robin died after flying into my patio windows.


I had thought about a bit of taxidermy but then remembered I am not good with bad smells and maggots etc,so the Robin has been placed in a quiet corner of the garden so that nature can reclaim him.



I received the second envelope from Deedee in California today with the last of her Bluebirds.

So I now have 3 most wonderful ATCs



I will let the photos do the talking  as they are absolutely  perfect.

  I am about to write about the matchboxes I have made for Trine and Lorraine for the swap hosted by Palma over at

So Lorraine and Trine if you want it it to be a surprise read no further.

Palmas prompt was to do matchboxes with the prompt Symbols or something we use a lot in our art. I chose eyes .


I did a double decker matchbox


And this is the contents

A Tim Holtz ticket die cut with images of eyes added.

Bottle cap with sticky tape transfer and  ribbon attached

Plaster of Paris face

Bottle cap with eye image and Glossy accents

2 shrink  plastic charms using the same eye image

A shrink  plastic image of a eye test chart (TIM HOLTZ )

A sticky tape transfer.

The matchboxes  were decorated with images relating to eyes.

Lorraine and Trine I hope you like them.


  1. Mary, These are super!

    I have finally learned how to post on these sites! Hooray!

    :) Lois

  2. beautiful matchbox "stuff" and yours is just amazingxxx

  3. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the matchbox and the contents. Super clever!!! How did you do the eyes on the tickets? Is that a stamp or a transfer?

  4. Wonderful ATCs and your matchboxes are SUPER COOL!!!! Lorraine and Palma will be stoked!:-)

  5. Gorgeous birds, gorgeous matchbox, I love everything!!!

  6. Hi Mary,
    So sad about the bird, they are my favorite creatures. You gave him a lovely spot back in the garden.
    LOVE the matchboxes you made. You always do such interesting and beautiful work. Full of surprises too!
    I especially like the eye chart on the match box cover,something I recognize all too well. In always trying to outwit them somehow, so that I won't need glasses. My days of acing the chart are way over. 8(
    I wish I had time to join the swap but June is a month of birthdays, graduations and all kinds of activities here.
    Be well!