Tuesday, 2 August 2011



I love felt ! i like the feel of it and the wonderful colours and the fact that it is wonderful in my SIZZIX .And so when I read an article in a magazine about a company called blooming felt I just had to order more supplies.



I also ordered a selection of silk strips which I thought would be a nice addition to journals.


And now to the plastic ,over at  http://milliande.ning.com  in the Frugal Artist group Sonja http://artfrommysoul.wordpress.com/  had posted about melting plastic bags. I have done this before and made mainly embellishments and ATCs (and almost killed myself with the fumes ). But as we are having glorious weather and every window is open I thought it was safe to have another go.


I layered several plastic bags together and placed various items including items cut with my SIZZIX  on top of the rather pretty pink one.I then placed a clear plastic bag on top of that. This was sandwiched between baking parchment and ironed.


Actually it looks a little odd in the photo but it turned out much better than I could have hoped ,and it almost looked as if it had been quilted.

The two die cuts at the top are cut from a vintage map.


And then it was off to the SIZZIX.

As this had been so successful and only taken about ten minutes I started a search for more plastic bags. This was always going to be difficult as I have refused any carrier bags when shopping for at least five years.

But lurking in the back of the cupboard I found a solitary bag not enough for the task in hand, so I had to use some of the bags which are normally returned to the driver when my grocery's are delivered. (well I am recycling them )




As the main bag was black I added a few ice breaker cards ,sweet wrappers,foil flower, and bubble wrap. and again covered with a clear layer.


And I forgot to mention red ribbon this also turned out well .But I am going to take my time before cutting it up.

As i knew I had no other bags in the house I asked my 82 year old neighbour if she had any.







This one is in WELSH .




As I was so excited by the wonderful colours I thought I would not rush into using these and I just worked on the bright River Island one which may become Hearts or flowers.


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  1. Hmm - yes, I quite probably will move in the other side of this neighbor. Her taste is exquisite isn't it? What a treasure trove of bags. LOL

  2. Oh Mary,
    I just received Sonjas atcs in the mail and wanted to find out about this technique. I love it, and your neighbors bags :-)

  3. Your bags came out lovely Mary! I tried melting plastic a few times. The fumes are terrible! I like the texture it makes, but I never had many ideas of what to do with it. You've made me want to try it again.

  4. What a colorful post Mary! Love the way your pink sizzix plastic bag cutouts turned out. I must give this a shot. But, like you, I bring my own bags when shopping so I will need to hunt down some bags!

  5. Mary, I looove what you did with plastic bags! What a great idea to put all those pieces in between! I will have to try that my self! Really wonderful! And thank you for mentioning me in your post :)
    P.S. I think I'll have Sizzix machine very soon. A small one, but if it cuts, it's good enough :)

  6. Thank you all for the comments and again special thanks to Sonja. Just remember keep the windows open. And Sonja I hope you get a Sizix here is the link to Sizzix UK http://www.sizzix.co.uk/ just for ideas but I get most of my dies from this company as they are cheaper http://www.cuttingedgecrafts.co.uk/