Friday, 19 August 2011


Yesterday was a wet and actually for August cold  day, and as for a while I have been wanting to make a bag /tote  it was a perfect day to sew.
Bag number 1
made using Ikea fabric and although I was following a diagram this was a prototype.
I was so pleased with how it turned out , that later after my evening meal I decided to make another.
The bag is supposed to be made using 4 different fabrics, and as I have acquired a large quantity of  material over the years I was able to find enough to make this.
This was an improvement on the earlier one as I had made myself a template to cut out the rectangles ,and therefore  it was more accurate.And even though I do not call myself a seamstress (unlike a few I could mention ) I was pleased with my stitching and colour choice. It is reversible and the next one I make I think I will use a different colour way for the inside.IMG_5081
It is always all or nothing with me and I can get easily bored  but yesterday Had I had suitable fabrics I could have gone on sewing all night.
The DOWN SIDE,  this was finished at 1.30 am this morning  .
After 5 hours sleep I was up and surprisingly not too tired which was a good thing , as this afternoon I had little Miss X for an hour. Just  one week left and then  we will be spending 3 days together each week during term times.
This was taken with my iPad , of her wearing a little summer dress her Great Aunt made for her. AS pretty as the dress is she may grow out of it before she has a chance to wear it as our summer is rapidly coming to an end.

While walking Wilson 2 days ago II spotted this growing on the verge a few yards from my house. I recognized it straight away as the VERY poisonous Thorn Apple. I had no intention of touching it ,as it requires careful handling. My plan was to contact the council on my return, but it went to the back of mind until the early hours of Thursday morning . when not  being able to sleep I got up  and found myself emailing the council at 1.30 am ,so I think I can see a pattern emerging.

Todays random image


  1. Girl I want one of those bags... YOU did a killer job on them. I'm serious I really want one. I can totally see it done in vintage fabrics.

    And your little miss X is beautiful

  2. Thank you,you are right about the fabric,I am going to make one today in a heavier fabric and if it works I will have more options when I start searching local charity/thrift stores.

  3. great bags you should put them on etsy lovely photo of your grandaughter and thanks for the warning about thorn apple never heard of that before

  4. Thank you Lorraine ,not sure I have the confidence for Etsy. The Thorn apple is still there five days on and the pods are about to burst,so I guess that means more of them next year.

  5. Your bags are gorgeous Mary! I am into the same thing lately, but seeing yours, I'm gonna have to wait posting mine until I make something really presentable. I love sewing. It's so relaxing. Well, yesterday it wasn't, it was a bad sewing day. :)
    Your Miss X is adorable!!!She has the most beautiful eyes!

  6. Sonja I find it hard to believe you are waiting for something presentable as your work is amazing.