Friday, 9 September 2011

End of week one

I have survived my first  3 day week  with Miss X ,and we had more smiles than tears,and many messy moments.
Wilson will need therapy as her finger has been in his nose several times a day, but they are the best of friends.
We have looked at  the birds  through the window and luckily she is too young to realize that the dove we were watching was killed by the sparrow hawk that snatched it as we watched.
She will also have to get used to my habit of taking photos of anything that interests me,today another death a frog that did not quite manage to cross the road.
We have walked a lot with Wilson ,and although this buggy is great fun  to use ,if like today she falls asleep it looks very uncomfortable.
So I have a few days off to catch up with my art swaps and perhaps make a few more bags. As tired as I was last night I managed to make this one and I think it is my favourite so far.
I think it is the fabric which is once more Ikea and the fact that I designed it to go across the body.
I received my Owl   from the milliande swap
Thank you to Kareen in this beautiful part of Australia.
Now for a mystery , as I was hanging out my washing today this was in the basket and I have no idea where it came from. I did bring back a lot of fabrics from my Parents  house last week but they were all colours which have been washed and stored away. This is pure white and was still damp,I suppose if I am honest it must have come from their house  but how it survived being washed with bright colours and stay so white is a mystery.
It is so pretty and is a bag /cushion cover I guess I think I will try and make a lining for it.
Todays random image


  1. now you deserve to have a lovely weekend and pamper yourself Mary!

  2. love your g/daughter she is so cutexxxlove your bags. Thanks for visiting can send for a card for their 65th. if you need help with it..just askxxlyndaxx

  3. You have been one very busy lady! I love that new bag, you must have started making these when I was on holidays this summer, I've only just seen them all. I agree, this one is fabulous. It has such a clean retro design.
    Wilson is a tiny slice from the cutest corner of heaven♥

  4. The latest bag looks great as well Mary! I was wondering where you'd gotten these amazing fabrics from, Ikea makes sense they are so upbeat and funky:-) You could make a bag out of the crochet cushion cover as well:-)Miss X looks super cute! Have a fun weekend recovering and thanks for commenting on my blog. Here the tree people do not recommend letting eucalytps shoot again after lopping as the regrowth is weak and can become dangerous in a storm. But maybe in the UK the weather is not that severe:-) xoxo

  5. Honestly, this child is so beautiful and sweet I could look at her all day!
    And I love your bag, and the owl. So creative!