Saturday, 22 October 2011

Good And Bad


It has been a very strange few days with mixed emotions

The Good

A surprise gift arrived from Sonja in Serbia to wish me a happy birthday, I have got a little slow at posting thanks.


and actually this arrived a little while ago,it contained some paper items including homemade, lovely crochet embellishments,a ATC ,a bag of goodies and the most delightful hand sewn hanging ornament.

Please check out Sonja's blog.

I also received my Mother Earth Atcs from the swap hosted by Louise over at


each one was well worth waiting for.

And I  received a Fat Bag ,well it was a postal bag over stuffed with goodies from my very dear friend Kit in sunny Florida



Once again Kit has been very generous,and there is far too much to list.

And finally I received  a dainty origami heart from Kalona in the U K. which was just a RAAK . (random act of kindness )


I always admire anyone who does Origami because I lack the patience.,Kalona is also hosting two swaps over at


The Bad

My sweet little Granddaughter had her vaccinations earlier this week ,and since has been quite poorly.We thought it was the vaccinations that made her so ill but a couple of day's later Mummy also was  very poorly so I guess a nasty bug was picked up somewhere. All I could do while looking after her  was plenty of cuddles as she was not interested in playing or eating. I did have to find inner strength for this weeks child-minding because as someone once wrote( Feel the fear and do it anyway ) and I have a real phobia / fear of vomiting. Thank goodness today when she did a quick visit with Daddy she was feeling much better.


Unlike the love of her life Wilson who has gone away for the weekend and has overdone the swimming and is unable to walk.


I have been told he is feeling very sorry for himself.

The other sad thing I /we  saw while out walking was two dead frogs and even worse a dead grass snake, I know in the grand scheme of things perhaps this is not worth mentioning ,but if it were not for our weird unseasonal weather  they would not have been in the road just waiting to get run over.

Today My husband and i decided to spend the day working outside in the garden ,It was so warm that the dragonflies were hovering over the pond ,and  we were both struggling in the heat,

What is happening with our weather ?


  1. aghh so sorry that your grand daughter has not been well..there is definitely a bug going around..hope you had lots of calpol in the house..I still give mine calpol when they are not feeling well and of course lots of hugs. Hoping next week will be better

  2. Hi Mary! So glad to hear your little darling is feeling better. I remember how scary it was when my son was little and sick. I have to say that I just love the picture of Winston...he seems to have so much personality (okay, well maybe not in that snapshot!).

  3. P.S. I'm with you...I've been TERRIBLE lately about posting thanks for all of the ATC's and such that I've received over the last month...I really should be ashamed of myself. Time is getting away from me.

  4. Life sometimes does this too us, up and downs, mixing us up. And as for the weather it really is strange. I was in my garden yesterday and the plants are even more confused, roses producing buds, flowers and yet have hips. You've had some lovely post recently :)

  5. Thank you all for the comments