Friday, 28 October 2011

Mainly Die Cuts


The best thing about the Sizzix is  the fact that it cuts so many different materials, and as we all know crafters never throw anything away, so there is always something waiting to be cut up. I had planned to do a lot of sewing this week as I was not looking after little Miss X,but it was not until last night that the machine came out. I could not decide what to make but  I thought i would combine the Sizzix and sewing and this is what I made.


They are made from an old Ikea fleece throw ,and a cream fleece that I no longer wear.

I also cut out lots of flower shapes which I thought I would make into brooches and hair clips.IMG_5972



I am going to ask my local post office if I can sell them to raise funds for the flower planters I help to maintain around the village. They are made from fleece and the the  blue ones are made from a old blanket which I washed several times to shrink it.

I am hoping the red ones may be used for Remembrance Sunday.

The other thing I recycled this week was the paper packing from a parcel sent by Amazon, you often open the box to find a small packet wrapped in so much paper it is almost lost.


Cut flowers with Sizzix



Ink inside of embossing folder











You can leave them flat or scrunch them up, these are waiting to be assembled.

and here are some I made earlier with different papers.


This one is almost like a pine cone in texture





These were made from a light weight card office folder, I purchased 100 for about £5 from Amazon much cheaper than buying craft card . I forgot to mention before scrunching up you spray them with water .

Also from Amazon for a just a little more I bought 1000 unstrung tags ,I was not expecting too much but they are brilliant for stamping on . And  I actually quite like the simple effect.



6 down 994 to go.


As it is Halloween weekend I will leave you with this photo which I took this morning with my iPhone.

And  altered it with the app. Snapseed



  1. wow...amazing are a very talented womanxxxxlynda

  2. looks like lots of creative fun has been happening at your place :-)

  3. I completely forgot you can cut material..the birds and flowers are great. You are right I keep on looking at the sky and trees and thinking what paints I could mix! loving watercolous and wish I had done it pictures look great framed and mounted with some frames I got in Wilkinsons will soon look like a gallery!

  4. Wow Mary,
    You are so clever. I have to admit I finally hauled out my Cricut and started using it again. You inspire me :)
    Hugs, Lois

  5. Mary, you always amaze me with your talent! Every time I see your creations I get a bit jealous. I love everything you made - the fabric flowers are so gorgeous, I can see them as brooches or as hair accessories. What a great idea to make some money for a good cause! The paper ones are also beautiful!!And the tags are adorable! Simple is often the best!

  6. These flowers are gorgeous. The texture is amazing. Wow!

  7. My word Mary,
    You amaze me- I thought I was an art addict, but you are prolific too! So busy, and so many materials/ideas...hats off to you!
    I am definately getting a big shot for xmas, I've put it off long enough, xmas pressie it is! And after seeing you use it on felt that's even more incentive to get one.
    Everything is gorgeous...I agree with Sonja entirely. xxx

  8. You will not regret it Kalona