Thursday, 2 February 2012

My Journal Has Flown The Nest.

I have had so little time lately to create ,but what time I have had has gone into making a journal for a Circle swap.This is a whole new concept for me,and as I consider myself to be more crafter than artist  I was not sure how I would fit in.But with the support of the other seven wonderful women I took the plunge.
You know how it is when you have about two months before a deadline,you put it off and off , well I did start about a month ago and was quite happy with the cover and the theme.
But then I changed my theme to WINGS and this was what I ended up with.
I decided to go down a much more rustic route and one I hope will stand up to the travelling. Never having done this before I was not sure what was expected of me
This is the sign in page ,I have printed onto fabric for the two coloured pictures.

I cannot do neat so I am pleased I went for the binding rings as it meant I could take or add with ease.
I made a very quick video of it. which can be viewed here.

And yesterday it went ,first stop Cambridge U K.
It will return home in 8 months
So yesterday I was able to get my monthly journal pages done for the swap Liz hosts over at  milliande.
And of course I am still looking after a little beauty ,three days a week
And today she discovered my acrylic stash and even how to unscrew the caps,and at 15 months old I find that quite scary.
those bottles have been removed from the boxes and were being lined up, perhaps I should have left her she may have created a masterpiece.
we made a quick visit today t her Great Grandmother where she came face to face with a snowman.
And when we got back she fell asleep eating her lunch
I would like to say sorry to all my fellow bloggers,as I have been very poor at leaving comments.


  1. Love your book..your grandchild is going to an artist l reckon. beautiful images of herxxremember when both my two used to fall asleep at meal funny!xxxx

    1. Thank you Lynda ,I have photos of her Father and Uncle doing exactly the same.

  2. Oh Mary, the photos of little MissX are adorable!!! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful, I love the colors you used, love the "not neat" look - it's my favorite one too!

  3. Thank you Sonja ,I am hoping to have a go at a stitched journal soon.

  4. Ahh Mary, it's lovely to see you in blogland again!:-) Your journal is just WONDERFUL! I love the look of the fabric in journals and yours came out great! Little Miss X looks so grown, before long you will be creating mixed media art together no doubt!:-) xoxo

    1. Thank you Monika ,I am hoping to see your posts again soon.

  5. WOW Mary! Great journal! You are very just really don't give yourself enough credit ;-). It's that nasty inner critic we all seem to have!! And, your chupacabra page is fabulous. This is the first page I have seen for the theme and was really wondering how everyone was going to work with the prompt. Great job. As always, I like seeing pictures of the little miss...she is getting so big and still as cute as ever! xo

    1. Thank you Liz,you know me I always leave the journal pages to the last minute,I was quite pleased with the Chupacabra,even if he is missing his spiney back.

  6. Mary, what are you worried about? You're a natural!! It's absolutely stunning! Love it!! Design,layout, colours, theme- the lot...and it will be so much better when it's filled up too.xx

  7. LOVE the colors in the album and ADORE the photos of Baby X! Looks to me like she is going to take after her talented gram! xxx

  8. This may show up twice and if so....sorry! LOVE the colors in the journal and ADORE the photos of Pricess X! Looks to me like she is going to be talented like her Gram! xxx

  9. Hi Mary...first let me say I am so very impressed with your journal. Love it -- so, so beautiful. Also wanted to thank you for taking the time to sweetly comment on my post "Work in Progress." I agree, it's easy to zip from blog to blog gazing at all the loveliness, but it takes an extra effort to stop and comment. I'm guilty too and wish I were better at it! Enjoy the day!

  10. Love your journal with all it's birds and so many of my favorite colors. Reminds me of my style. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    Little Miss X is sure to become a dandy little crafter and artist herself.
    hugs, p

  11. Your journal is such fun. Love the colors. And your little helper is adorable. Looks like happy days.