Sunday, 29 April 2012

Catching Up


I cannot believe it has been  three weeks since my last post,  but I do seem to be  catching up with swap commitments.

I have completed my pages for  another journal  travelling around Europe.





This was fun re acquainting with paper dolls.

I have made two more pages for the monthly swap over at

Rain Rain Go Away



I printed a vintage image on to acetate and sewed it onto the page which I had sprayed  with Altered Originals  GRANITE ink spray.

I was not quite so  happy withe other page

Favourite Number


But it did mean I could use some embossing powder ,which I tend to overlook these days.


I have also done a 4x4 self portrait for Nina’s swap also over at

Nina asked us to dig deep and create an image that represented ourselves, I wanted to paint but had a mental block ,so this is what I came up with.


It is done using Neo colours ,portfolio pastels and Derwent crayons. on watercolour paper,this was  then stitched onto watercolour paper.

I am not this blonde  in real life ,just a bit of wishful thinking,and I have added silver thread to represent the grey hairs that seem to be appearing more often

I made a box  (SIZZIX ) of course  so that it would stay flat on its journey to Canada.


Because it has been so wet here  I decided to have yet another sort out in my craft room ,and discovered this by chance

I am used to using sequin waste  (punchinella) for creating backgrounds ,it creates  a nice dotty effect,



But did you know  that if you fold it over at a angle it creates another effect.



and different sizes create different effects.


Not sure if this was already common knowledge.

I also have made this


Tim Holtz really does have a lot to answer for.

Just a couple of Photos of little Miss X


she loves bubbles,and these little touchable ones hang around for ages.


Finally I was hoping that i  would not have to  write this again,but


Ok not the same ones and as yet not in our fields, but this is how it started last time,and there is no way I want to go through that again .At the moment they are on the other side of the rhine, two mares and two very small foals, which will be unable to cross the water,but when the sluice gates are opened to let the water out we will have to be on guard.



By the way we are in a drought YES drought ,hard to believe it has been raining for days and the fields are water logged.


So I am pleased that I treated myself to a new pair of shiny purple wellingtons


They really are purple  not blue as they look here,does anybody know why it is so hard to photograph Purple ?

Thank you for  stopping by .


  1. Your post is so interesting. So much to see and read. I love the paper doll pages, and the different effects you got from stenciling. Great post !!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day, stay dry, and watch out for horses. Connie :)

  2. Love everything on this blog...FantasticxxLOVE the purple bootsxxxx

  3. Mary, I don't know where to start! Your journal pages are amazing! So much imagination and creativity! And your self portrait - absolutely wonderful! Everything is beautifully done, you really do wonders with Sizzix! I also love the boots, and I have no idea why purple is hard to photograph, it happens to me all the time. Although, with hubby's new camera the color appears more purple. Maybe that's the reason?
    I'm sorry to hear you might have problems with horses again. Hopefully this time they won't come to your property.
    Kisses for little princess. :)

    1. Thank you Sonja, You know how much I love my Sizzix.I think you are right about different cameras,producing different colours,I may get someone else to take a photo with their camera.

  4. Thank you Connie and Lynda

  5. love those wellies..I have been wearing my old wellies too. That 4x4 is marvellous..hope I get it:) great journal pages too vigdis will love it as its in her style

    1. Thank you Lorraine,:)

    2. Thank you Lorraine ,if you end up with my 4x4 it will have had a very long journey.

  6. How do I love this? Let me count the ways! I am totally blown away by your talent Mary. Love everything including boots and little Miss X! She is just a little darling :) Hugs, Lois

    1. Thank you Lois,you are very kind.

  7. Can't decide what I like the most... the paper dolls, your hip self-portrait, or those gorgeous blue boots. Hmmmm.

  8. Thanks for the hint about punchinella, I never have folded it! Love the look. Thanks, Blessings~Barb

  9. Love your post about the pirates! And these journal pages are great!! Don't daubt it☺ Also thank you for the genius tip of the punchinella I do mix templates, but haven't thought of this one. Gonna try it!! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog♥