Monday, 9 April 2012


Technology has got the better of me and I am having difficulty posting ,so just a few photos of my experiments with free motion embroidery.IMG_6783
I find text very hard to do
Today I had a go at adding photos
I was very pleased with how this turned out.
I also made two pages for the journal swap over at Milliande
childhood memory
one colour
My Pages for Tina's Journal
I also received a Pin from Mel Made,in a scented package

Easter Sunday my husband an I planted 500 willow stems in the bunding  (soil banks )we have built in our fields,and we have another 500 to plant.Luckily it has rained all day today,so they should have a good start.


  1. Your stitching is wonderful Mary! I love the flowers and everything you did. You could make some gorgeous book covers too! :) And the journal pages are superb, especially the one with little Miss X! I am in love with those photos, and the red hat is the perfect accent.

  2. beautiful work as usual my friendxxxxwow..500 willow stems and more to go..have to come and see them soonxxxxhave a rest todayxxlynda

  3. Glad to hear that you've got your willows planted, they'll look fantastic in no time. Your stitching is gorgeous, it really looks as if you're enjoying yourself. I think my favourite is the one with the red, white and blue flowers x

  4. The willow trees will make such a beautiful border! I love willows.....used to pretend they were forts and castles when we were little. I always felt safe under a willow tree! Isn't it funny the things we remember?! XXX

    1. Thanks Kit ,I am eagerly awaiting the first shoots.

  5. PS....Happy as the day is long is my FAVORITE!!! Love everything you've glad you are back to creating! XXX

  6. All those trees, how wonderful the area will look in a few years thanks to you! I love the Victorian piece, you have truly captured the essence of the age. Ah, Pooky...makes me want to run downstairs and unpack my own Pooky books and take a trip down memory lane♥

    1. Thank you ,the Victorian piece was fun to make,and regarding Pookie I am so jealous ,I only have this one treasured book.

  7. I really like your free motion flowers. I do not have that capability on my machine and dream of the stuff I can make one day when I can! Perhaps I need to just work with my back and forth and not start yet another technique.
    I like the question... what wisdom would you impart to your teenage self. Oh goodness... I have so much to share with her!

    1. Thank you Jenny,it is really hit or miss with the embroidery,and I am always amazed when the piece comes together.

  8. I like your stitching and it inspired me :) I just got a free motion foot for my machine and my first tries are simply, a mess. I am now eager to try flowers as you have. Text will have to wait. I need to gather more patience for that....

  9. I like your stitching. It has inspired me....I just got my free motion foot for my machine and my first tries are simply, a mess! I now want to try the flowers as you have. Text will have to wait as I gather some patience for attempting that....

    sorry if I multiplied my posts....blogger was doing weird things...

  10. Thank you Kris,I am sure there is a knack with text ,but I have not found it yet.I did have a go at this a few months back and was not that happy with the result, but practice does help and although I still have problems with the tension,I am getting there.
    I will say that a embroidery hoop does make a big difference.

  11. Ohhh mary, I've been away from blogland for way too long! So glad i stopped by to see all these pretty things :D your embroidery's got me speechless - i will contact you on fb to share an idea i have.. Would LOVE to see your property & all your hard work. Sounds lovely! And the journal pages are Y.U.M.!
    hope you are well, dear!

    - vicki xo

  12. Oh my Mary so much beauty here. Love the embroidery and those photos are amazing! I've yet to try stitching with free motion but I want to try it. You've inspired me.

  13. Dear Mary, You are doing so many things that I want to try, especially the embroidery. You are one talented lady. I am looking so forward to following your creative blog. I am a retired activity director (the party, crafter, and tour gal at a nursing home). It has been a very rewarding experience and prepared me for retirement, in a very positive way. Folks that retire with lots of interests and community involvement, actually live longer and happier life's. I'm your newest follower. Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully follow my blog, as well. Have an awesome weekend, Connie :) P.S. your profile photo grabbed me, right off the bat . . . what a marvelous photo!

  14. Thank you Vicki,Denise,and my new friend Connie ,you are all very kind,I can recommend free motion embroidery because there is no right or wrong of course there is a knack to it and I find it much easier using a hoop.
    And I agree with you Connie about keeping an active mind ,I have elderly neighbours either side in their eighties and the women put me to shame.