Monday, 30 July 2012

Prayer Flags And Other Things

I wanted to make a small gift for my wonderful friend Trine
who was relocating from Denmark to the isle of Lismore for three months,
The cottage was going to be very small so I thought I would create something she could hang up ,outside if necessary.
I used a thin cotton onto which I printed words that I thought might relate to Trines Venture in Scotland.  The flags ended up travelling around Scotland  as Trine had to relocate to Pittenweem, in Fife, and they are now flying in a beautiful part of the British Isles.
Please take the time to look at Trines website,and the walks she organizes.
As I have mentioned before I am taking part in a journal swap with seven other woman ,Lynn from Cambridge wanted us to participate in a collaborative painting
this is how it started out.
250671_448143211877645_837925679_n lynn
we all had to fill in squares,as we wished.
lynn 3
And this is how it looks after travelling to Italy,Denmark,Sweden,Norway and the UK.
Lynn is very Happy with how it has turned out.
I am now working on the last journal which belongs to Palma, and then I should be getting mine back within the next few weeks.
I  may have mentioned that my youngest Son is getting married in August,and it is going to be a registry office ceremony followed by a reception in a local village hall. Cream tea and handmade cakes in the afternoon,followed by a live band and buffet in the evening,
I decided eventually to wear  white linen trousers with a linen blouse in a very pale shell colour. Here in the UK shops stock winter clothes in July  and everything summery has been in the sales,so I had difficulty buying a hair ornament in the right colour.
So I made my own
I cut several layers of cotton with  three different Sizzix dies.
This was the colour ink on a scrap piece of cotton before being diluted
I was so pleased with how the colour turned out.
And this is the finished item ,to which I have added a vintage watch face.,
I was so pleased with it I made two more.
And I have plenty of vintage faces to make even more.


  1. I am so impressed with your hair adornment for the wedding festivities! So pretty! I also just love the way the journal changed as it traveled around. So fun. For some reason, your blog will not stay in my reader and I end up missing your wonderful posts. Just hours ago, I was folding clothes and your blog popped into my head. "I need to visit Tin Can Tart," I thought. And what do you know... you were probably leaving your sweet comment that very moment. Don't you just love when things like that happen?

    1. Thank you Jenny,yes it is strange how things happen, at that very moment we must have been connected.

  2. So beautiful the flowers came out. And the love shines through the flags too. The painting is interesting.....

  3. Mary I love it all! The prayer flags are beautiful! What a lovely present for your friend!
    The painting is amazing and I'm totally blown away by the idea of filling the squares! I've learned a new thing today. :) What an inspiration!
    I already commented on your flowers, but I have to admire them again as they are so beautiful. Especially with your blouse. And that necklace is to die for! :)
    Congratulations on your son's wedding! xoxoxo!

  4. What a lovely gift for your friend. I like the simplicity of them and the words "Time Out".

    Fantastic job on the collaborative painting.

    My favorite is your wardrobe for your son's wedding. That color came out perfect and I love the linen material. The hair piece is sweet too.

    Great job Mary.

  5. oh wow those pray flags are gorgeous. Your hair decoration is amazing! Love the colour you clever womanx All those clock faces...l am so them. And as for that unusal idea and beautiful resultsxlynda

  6. Yes l am still doing the children's workshopsxxxxxxthanks for commenting on my blogxxlynda

  7. Mary, you have so much talent . . . you totally amaze me. The flags are lovely and what a heartfelt gift. The journal page is mesmerizing I could study the little details forever. Then we come to your time-piece flowers . . . I adore them, would you mind if I copied that idea. I get excited every time I see that photo of you sitting on that huge turtle. I would have that blown up - framed and hanging in a special place in my home. That photograph is a treasure and when I see it pop up in my comments, I know I'm getting a lovely visit from a delightful friend. Have a great day, Connie :)

  8. Thank you so much Connie for your kind comments,I would be delighted if you used the idea,you create such wonderful work.